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Just added Intel core 2 duo to my 9100

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Just added Intel core 2 duo to my 9100

  • Well after reading some post on here how the core2 wouldnt work,I took a chance and ordered the Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz.Befour I swaped the chips out I updated the bios to A03 Removed old chip to the new one booted up.Didnt want to boot up. So I went back into the bios and Disbaled Hyper-threading and rebooted whala she took off :) this thing is so much faster now! Be sure to disable HT in the bios and she should take right off..hope this helps out somebody ;)
  • Nice one.
    I have a Dimension 9100 and I was researching about doing the same thing.

    Most of the posts are pre BIOS A03.
    All BIOS A03 says is: "8. Add support for newer processors."
    I can't find a readme to quantify that further.

    CPU-Z tells me the following:
    - m/b 0X8582
    - chipset 945P
    - bios A03
    - cpu P4 630 Prescott (3Ghz) 90nm FSB=200Mhz.

    I don't see why it won't work, and you are one of the first to supply evidence that it will work with new BIOS.

    - - -
    The reason I was researching the upgrade:
    I can buy an "Intel Pentium D 820 2.8GHz" for as little as €125.
    So, if my m/b could only goto Pentium D, my logic was to upgrade now before the discontinued CPU becomes sold out / rare.

    Currently, the Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 is €333, and very mainstream.
    So I can wait under the Quad Cores comeout next year (which most definately won't work on my 945P chipset!)
    By then there will be maybe another BIOS update (not going to hold my breath)
    Furthermore, this forum will be full of people who have done the upgrade!
    The E66xx series will be around €100-150 and I will do the upgrade then.
    Until then, my P4 will suffice.

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  • Its possible that you are running the CPU at the wrong voltage, though. Nice to know that it works.

  • overclockers are putting 1.79 Volts through an E6700 here...

    so i think running an E6700 at 1.324V (instead of 1.312V) isn't going to hurt much. :-P
    If someone out there could run CPU-Z on their 9100 with a Core Duo installed,
    please tell us what the voltage is...

  • Glad to hear that myself, I assumed it should work with the core 2's I have an xps 400 with the same chipset up to 1066 fsb but The extreme core 2's is the next feat with hyperthreading support. Does the chip cache show up properly? Have you ran the processor i.d. tool from intel it will tell you?.. Thanks alot for the info...
  • I just tried an E6300 in a Dimension 9100 and no luck.  I updated to BIOS A03 and disabled HT in the BIOS.
    The sticker down by the PCI-E x16 slot shows it as Dell part# X8582 and revision is RevA02.
  • I just tried a E6700 and it wouldn't go (had the HT off)

    BTW I have a 960 currently running in this system so it will run stable with that proc.

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  • hmm... maybe i will upgrade to which ever Pentium D will work in the 9100. :-(
    but i'm gonna stay tuned to this channel, hopefully the original poster comes back.

    820 (still listed on intel site)
    840 (max listed on Dell site)
    950 (a few 9100 users in this forum seem to be using this)


    ps: i see there are some other motherboard manufactures that have the 945 working with Core Duo...
    so there still is hope?
  • any of you have any more luck? worth trying to clear the NVRam before/after the upgrade?
  • I've been occasionally monitoring this forum for any other successful candidates.  And i have gone through all relevant posts.
    i've also tried googling, but this forum (and moreover, this particular thread!) seems our only hope.  ;-/
    There are alot of people wanting to upgrade 9100 / 9150s to core duo:  but are being told not to because of this thread.  :-/
    So far, only the people in this thread are the ones who have actually tried it.
    The original poster has not written any other threads / updates.
    I am still terribly optimistic for reasons I have descibed earlier,
    and not to sound negative,... but the original poster may have just been winding us up to see if other users had success or failure.
    If I had a core duo, or a loan of a friends, i would definately give it a go.
    I have the technical expertise and persistence required to make it work...(if it is in fact at all possible)
    PS:  good idea regarding NVRAM.

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  • yeah ... will make a decision eventually. may just buy a motherboard for the 9200 in a few years as the case looks the same :)
  • in a few years they will have 8 core chips and some new fangled chipset and insane graphics / physics cards.
    all at the same power our Pentium4s are wasting.
  • Just my opinion and to keep this thread alive.....
    The D9XX series processors work fine with the A03 BIOS on a 9100 Dimension I945 chipset.
    The Dimension 9200 or XPS 410 is best suited for the C2D and supported. So why not just buy that case/motherboard combination and build from there?  Current pricing on eBay for this case/motherboard combination is around $100. Seems inexpensive enough to me if a C2D upgrade is the focus.
  • agree with your technical explanation.
    also agree about buying a 9200 m/b.
    i called Dell sales to order on (in the EU)
    i am still waiting for a quote... it has been a few weeks.
    personally, i am bit hesitant to order one on ebay, but might be the quicker solution.

    thanks for keeping this thread alive.
    i think the original poster was just making it up that his Core2duo worked in his 9100.
    he was probably happy to see 3-4 people try it, and find that it didn't work, just so he knew for himself whether it would work or not.

    i still check all new posts, and no body else has reported it working.
    945 / 965 are the max for a 9100.
  • and if you're thinking about one of those 8xx or 9xx upgrades, I'd buy it sooner rather than later as Intel is switching off production.