Hello, My name is Octavian Radu Chis and  I'm new to the community. I joined to this community to make myself heard and let everyone else what I've been through after I bought my laptop XPS | 15 Z. Well, as most of you know that the price is not very cheap 1400£, when I bought it I expected at something a lot better. First disappointment was that after a week or two the edge around the laptop get broken because of the cheap plastic make. Not soon after I installed my 3D software on my laptop I realised that it can't restore from hibernation. I did contact dell support a couple of times since and we tried to find a solution to my problem. After I spend money on phone calls and a huge amount of time they said the problem is from my Windows and the best is to re-install the windows, something what I had to pay again for it. I was agree to pay just to make sure the laptop will work properly. They told me that the cd with the windows I bought will arrive in next 2 or 3 days, when actually it took me to receive it about 2 weeks. They also said that will contact me after I will receive the windows something that they never did. If I tried to contact the technical support via their website at the end of the application, after I answered and fill up the form every time I received an error with Sys.exe from inc dell I'm missing, I tried to install it but still doesn't work. Because of their poor website that application works only with internet explorer, which it didn't for me. I tried on IE, Firefox, Google Chrome but it's not working. Now this make me realise how much they respect themselves. I have paid all this money for something that I always believed it is a High standard company, but I was wrong. Now because their support in interest of resolving my problem is 0, I decided to make aware my friends and people around me what problems they might have if there is a problem with their machines. Feel free to contact me on any of the following options: <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy> <ADMIN NOTE: Phone number removed per privacy policy> . I will be more than happy to explain in more details my experience with dell.