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I hate Dell Alienware

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I hate Dell Alienware

  • I purchased an alienware m14x r1 in august 2011. its hard disk crashe in 7 days. Dell refused replacement, they replaced the hard disk in 15 days. This gig kept giving me bsod (blue screen of deaths) for random reasons now and then. finally it carshed completely in march 2012. Dell tried to replace mobo and fix it. did not work. Finally they replaced it with the latest M14xR2. It crashed without a single use and when they sent a technician he found out that it had an important part missing! wow! Now imagine how careless Dell is. Moreover they have reduced to give me a replacement on this system.

  • Duplicate

  • Well, that was a very well thought out paragraph. Also, thanks for using caps lock, it added to the image of you screaming at your computer while you typed this that I pictured the entire time.

  • since english not being my native  language it was hard to convey my frustration through my words.

  • Well, I'm not trying to sound like a <removed> or anything, but here is a bit of advice for next time. No matter how angry you are, never type your rant with caps lock on. Nobody will take you seriously on the internet when you type in all caps.

  • This sounds like the following.

    1.  Not purchased thru Dell but rather a 3rd party.

    2.  Not in USA probably India, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan.

    3.  User did not return within 20 days.

    No computer maker on earth will Guarantee that you will NEVER get a blue screen of death error.

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