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Diablo 3 on Alienware m17xR3 with 6990m - Not supported

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Diablo 3 on Alienware m17xR3 with 6990m - Not supported

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I am in the Diablo 3 beta and the game is due to release in a few weeks. I have an Alienware m17xR3 and currently the game posts an notification on start up that the Radeon 6990m drivers are out of date causing reduced game performance. It suggests contacting the manufacturer for a driver update.


I am running the latest video driver off the Dell/Alienware website but it is from mid last year, is there plans to release a new Radeon driver or remove the limitation on updating driver directly from the AMD website?



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  • You say there is a limitation of updating from the AMD website, but you should definitely have this option.

    Does it not permit you to update?



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  • That's right - The AMD installer advises my hardware/software is incompatible and to contact the manufacturer for a driver update.

    The page you linked to notes the AMD driver tool is not compatible with notebooks with switchable graphics so I think that might be what is preventing the use of AMD direct updates.

  • I've had the exact same problem when trying to update the M17x R3 graphics driver, half the time the installation would not proceed correctly and only install part of the file, I managed to get around it by downloading the AMD automatic driver finder and letting it do it's thing, that work well for me, I tried it only 5 days ago and no problems, it installed AMD Catalyst Control Center v12.3 on a laptop with 6970 and another with 6990

  • Hi AndrewSi, are you referring to the AMD Driver Autodetect program from the AMD driver page?


    When I use this program it detects I have a Radeon 6990m but then downloads the same driver installer that PhoenixBennu linked to and displays the same error as before.


    I have experimented with uninstalling the Alienware/Dell 6990m driver before running the utility, this allows the install to go ahead but the switchable graphics didn't not work once this is done.


    The notebook driver page at AMD has an article on it that provides a little more info but essentially just me back to the Dell support site.


  • Hello,

    I have exactly the same problem with my 6990M, i.e. "The version of this graphics adapter is not supported", I tried the auto detect and it just tries to execute and download the same driver that is failing to install manually...

    I tries uninstalling the software and downloading the full driver pack from AMD with a very bad crash of all the Display Drivers that had me to restore from a restore point since I could not make the older or newer drivers anymore.

    I have been waiting for some time since the last update of the drivers waiting for an updated 12.x driver provided by Alienware but I don't think that is happening.

    Any help is welcome.

  • I located an Alienware support page that provides beta drivers, however it only has Nvidia ones at the moment.



    Hopefully as it says the AMD beta drivers come soon Smile


  • It is a shame that the post is from November last year... Things looks not to move very quickly...

  • sorry guys i know your pain, i sold off my M17X R2 cause if problems,repair,constant failing and list goes on and on my friends, anyway has anyone looked at  modded inf driver for it? i know it ran nicely on my second M17X R2 till it died LOL  , anyway goodluck with failienware!

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  • Just a general Win7 Direct-X tip ...

    On the game's icon, Compatibility tab (if available) , make sure both are selected:

    - Disable Visual Themes

    - Disable Desktop Composition

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  • Sager laptops can use native drivers.  That will be my next laptop purchase.

  • Well the game still works, it just lags on some effects occasionally. I should be able to hold out for some new drivers :)

    Is there any kind of ETA on when new graphic drivers will be available?

  • What if you booted into the M17x-R3 Bios- Advanced- Primary Display and force it to use the discrete video card. Then, exit out of the Bios saving the change and boot into windows. Then, try to load the retail driver.

    They never give us an ETA on driver releases.

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  • Excuse me if I state the obvious or perhaps get something wrong, but have you installed intel HD3000 driver BEFORE installing a new AMD driver, if not try this

    1. Download driver sweeper and get rid of all intel graphics and AMD graphics drivers "leftovers"

    2. Install latest version of Intel HD3000 Graphics Driver

    3. Try the nvidia auto detect again

    Otherwise you can try a modified driver, I download the latest nvidia driver v301.32 with moded inf file yesterday to make a GTX460M work in a M17x R2 (they are not supported by dell or nvidia) and it works perfectly, takes a little while and you have to follow the instructions to the letter but it worked

  • Sorry I meant AMD autodetect :P

  • I would suggest installing the Direct X June 2010 patch.

    Download: DirectX Redist (June 2010) - Microsoft Download Center ...

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