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Alienware X51 Optical Disk Drive Ejects CD/DVDs

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Alienware X51 Optical Disk Drive Ejects CD/DVDs

  • its simple, I have no idea why my drive is ejecting every CD's I put in, its updated, set to region 2, so i dont know why its not reading my CD's I've tried 3 CD's 1 Game, Empire earth, Jayz CD and Rihanna C. Anyone can help?

  • and also the pc base unit is new, just recieved it today feb 1 2012, its unusual

  • Not trying to be smart or hateful with you, but are you sure you're inserting them correctly?  Have you tried putting them in with the label on the opposite side to what you've been trying thusfar?

  • yes i have tried it, even both sides, and it keeps ejecting the CD, called the techincal support hotline, wasnt resolved, technician will call em tomorrow, in the meanwhile would you be able to help me?

  • JJrookie,

    It sounds like the loading mechanism on the slot load drive is having issues. Sorry your having this problem.  

    The good news is swapping out the ODD on an X51 is a VERY quick and easy procedure... it literally takes like 5-10 minutes and there's only a few screws involved.  1 for the side cover and a few for the ODD mount itself.

    Its good that you're working with Phone support and the tech.  they can swap out the ODD drive for you ASAP and you should be good to go.

    FYI, Im not the forum moderator, that's Chris, but I do work for Dell :-)

  • Hi

    I have the same problem with my X51 that i received Wednesday (1st Feb 2012).  My X51 reads CD's but does not read any DVD's, it just ejects them back out, sometimes it ejects them that fast, the disc falls on the floor as i have my X51 stood up vertical.

    I am not very happy at all, a system like this should be working straight out the box considering i spent over £1000 on it including some extra's.

    Spoken to Dell Alienware tech guys last night who do not know what is causing the problem but will be ringing me sometime today regarding an answer to the situation as someone else reported it too.

    JJrookie have you heard anything more about your X51 from Dell?

    mav711, do know what the official fix is to this problem?

  • Same problem here, only got it delivered today. Pretty dissapointed so far.

  • Let us know what is happening regarding yours NUTTY5493! It's 8:08pm and I'm yet to hear anything back from Dell Alienware tech team, was promised a call and nothing! Not impressed!
  • I filed a technical request with them moments before posting earlier, it was around 4PM GMT or so I guess. So  didn't expect any word today. I'm okay with it at the moment, simply because I had a few old games on steam I could dig out to keep me amused lol.

    Hoping the problem isn't in every X51 anyway, and that it isn't too hard a fix!

  • Hi all the exact same problem here, loading slot just keeps ejecting any disc i try to put in after about 5 seconds. I also thought that my wireless card was bust but it seems that the connectivity range is just horridly short as it keeps dropping connection unless I am closer than 5-6 meters. So I had to move it out of my bedroom in order to download games through steam as I cant install them with the discs.... ¬.¬ not impressed. I filled out the problem/issue form yesterday but heard nothing from dell all Friday. Also if anyone knows what a better wireless card would be please let me know as I need to upgrade it.

  • You can use any standard half height card in there.  I would recommend either the intel 6200 or the killer 1102 cards.  Both are very good.  Or alternatly you can go online and order antenna cables that have a screw connector at the other end to install external antenna.

    Those of you who are having issues, do you have the dvd or the bluray drives.

  • I'm from the UK and Alienware did not give the option of paying the extra for a Blu Ray drive when ordering from them, we just have the option of a DVD drive only and that's what the problem is with everyone's X51 including mine.
  • Cool ill look into getting one of those cards. Also I have the PLDS DVD+- RW DL-8A4SH ATA Drive which im guessing is the dvd drive everyone has bar the people with blu ray.

  • All,

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  • Hi Chris

    Before i send you any details to your message above, i have noticed there are numerous updates to the X51 from the Dell Technical Support & Drivers page, including BIOS, Optical Drive etc. Should we try and update the X51 with all the updates to see if it cures the problem with the DVD drive?