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alienware m17x R3 and intel 510 ssd help!!!!!!!

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alienware m17x R3 and intel 510 ssd help!!!!!!!

  • hi can anyone please help me instal a 250g intel 510 ssd into my m17x r3, my current config is 2x750g hdd in raid0,

    iv tried every combination of methods to get my intel ssd to be my boot drive and have one of the 750 gb hdd's to be my data disk or (secondary hard drive)

    iv tried about 10-15 times installing fresh copy of win 7 and every time i tried id have something go wrong from my bios recognize my secondary hdd as 486gb as opposed to its full capacity of 750, to having install win 7 successfully but then so some reason seeing that i only had like 197gb free on my ssd (and i know win 7 doesn't take that much space!!!), i even tried installing win 7 with my intel rapid storage driver from a usb stick you know right before actually installing win 7 when it asks you if you want to load any drivers?,..... nothing!!!,

    is there anyway of getting a clean WORKING win 7 on my ssd and having a secondary hdd,  iv been digging my brain out trying to fix this i found a forum on which had a detailsed method of doing this but even after following that i couldnt get it running the way i need, also a note* iv done the whole putting the ssd in port 1 which everyone recommends as this port is the one which allows sata III to reach 6gb/s transfer rate which i want but nothing, can anyone tell me what im doing wrong and if possible and not to much to ask can give me a step by step set of instructions in how to complete this (keeping in mind im pretty clueless )apparently....


    thank you in advance to everyone i really appreciate you taking the time to read this post

  • delete Raid Volume

  • I think its ctrl and I. I dont really know... delete it and see if it works

  • You know with Raid 0 you WILL lose your date is you separate the drives ?

    You will need to FORMAT the Single Raid Drive in order for it to be seen as a whole drive and not a fragment of a drive array.

    This should be your first step. Personally, I would use Acronis to image your current Raid 0 and use the Dynamic Disk type function to clone your Raid 0 array onto the SSD (assuming you delete enough to make the size match).

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  • @ derickkk

    Were you able to get this to work?  I just wondering because I would like to do something very similar myself with me R3.

  • I have an M17xR4, and I recently purchased an Intell 330 240GB SSD. It was so easy to get up and running (once I got the proper software!). The included software Intel sent, couldn't find the SSD hooked up to the USB Port. I used a pirated version of Acronis, and had the same results. I then used a FREE program called "Macrium Reflect", and cloned the installed 1TB 5400rpm drive. This is how I did it.


    First of all, all I had initially was the ONE 1TB mechanical drive. Since the amount of data on the drive was less than 240gb, the program automatically shrunk the partition to fit on the SSD.  You have to change the BIOS to AHCI before trying to boot from the SSD.  I ran the above mentioned software, let it do its thing, removed the original drive from slot 0, and installed, initially, the SSD in the slot o spot, and insured the bios was set to AHCI, and not RAID. Everything worked great, and windows booted up so friggin fast!!  Microsoft Office loads about two seconds after clicking on it!!  i then installed the original drive in the slot 1 spot. I had done nothing to it, and it was still bootable, but my system boots just great off the SSD.


    Now, This is NOT a clean install, but I did clone the 1TB drive after installing very little onto it.  I plan on running it as it for a while longer, to make sure everything works great, before I format the 1TB drive.  Also, before I did the Cloning, I did the Alien Respawn thing onto a USB key. Figured this way I am covered in multiple ways.


    Now, if you two drives where in a RAID 0 configuration, you will, as someone already mentined loose any info on them, unless you remove your optical drive, and reinstall the two drives (you will then have three hard drives, and no optical drive. You should be able to keep the data on the two other drives in a raid configuration, but don't quote me. If you only want to install one of the drives, you will defiently loose any info on them, as you will only be able to install one of the drives. But, you will have a super fast boot drive, and 750gb of storage.


    As always, back up, back up, back up, all your data before attempting anything like this. I made like three different backups to three different drives, and was lucky that everything worked out great.


    Wish you luck, and if you get it all going, please repost back your experience and method so as to help others out who want to do the same that you are doing.

  • Here are the steps that I used.

    To remove the RAID 0 configuration from the computer a few steps need to be followed which is mentioned below:

    (1) Delete RAID in RAID bios:

    (a) Enter the Intel RST Option ROM Utility by pressing ‘ctrl+I’ key just after the Dell Logo.

    (b) Select Delete RAID Volume using the up and down arrow keys, press Enter.

    (c) Highlight the Array to be deleted and press the delete key.

    (d) Enter Y when prompted that all data will be lost.

    (2) Change to AHCI in BIOS by following the below steps:

    (a) Turn on the Computer, at the Dell Logo keep tapping the F2 key

    (b) BIOS screen appears, move to advanced tab.

    (c) Select SATA Operation, change to AHCI mode and then press F10 which saves the settings.

    (3) Connect the new drive(s).

    (4) Do an Operating system re-installation.

    After getting the OS re-installed,  I noticed it was only recognizing 1 drive.  To fix this go to start, run and type Drive Manager.  From here you'll select the drive you are missing, right click and choose create new simple volume. Give it a name, and assign a drive letter and click OK.

    After this its really just an exercise in installing drivers.  I started off using the Dell Resource CD to get my WiFi Drivers installed and then installed the rest from the Dell website to ensure I had the most recent versions.

    If your buttons on the top of the laptop aren't working, make sure you've installed the OSD software.  I had to do it twice.   If your brightness keys (F4 and F5) don't work, be sure that you have the correct video card drivers installed.