M17x Dual monitor settings reset on device plugin

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M17x Dual monitor settings reset on device plugin

  • I have an M17x (I believe R1) with all the original factory equipment (haven't added/modified anything internally). The graphics card is a GeForce GTX 260M.

    I have an Alienware OptX AW2210 monitor connected as an external monitor through the HDMI port. In the Screen Resolution Control Panel, I have the "Multiple Displays" option set to "Extend these displays".

    Normally, the setup works perfectly. However, when I plug in any USB device or insert a media card into the built-in reader, the monitors reset to "Duplicate these displays". I keep having to go back to the Control Panel and change the setting back to "Extend these displays".

    The driver information listed in the Device Manager is:


    Driver Provider: NVIDIA

    Driver Date: 6/27/2010

    Driver Version:


    Looking at the Drivers & Downloads section, I think I have the right driver. The Drivers & Downloads section lists the current driver as 257.38 A03. I'm a little green in this area, but I believe the 2.5738 at the end of the Driver Version is the match to 257.38 (same numbers, decimal's in a different spot though).


    Any thoughts on what is causing this to happen? Are my drivers actually out of date, and should I download and install the ones from the support site? Do I have something else going on?


    If there's any additional information that I can provide, please let me know.




  • Is the monitor USB uplink cable connected to a USB port on the same side as the Card Reader?

  • It is. Is it as simple as moving the plug?

  • I'm still having a problem with this monitor settings reset. I've completed unplugged the USB cable for the monitor, and am just using the USB ports on the laptop. The problem hasn't gotten better, it's actually getting progressively worse. The monitor settings will reset seemingly at random times. It just reset on me within the last few minutes with no USB device being activated.

  • I am not sure. Try it on the other side USB port and tell us what happens.