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Black Screen Before Startup

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Black Screen Before Startup

  • I just got my new alienware computer today (M17xR4) and let it charge for the first time for about 8 hours. When i try to turn it on, the LCD components all light up, such us the keyboard, power button, and the ALIENWARE symbol, but nothing will show on my monitor, i've tried multiple times, Please help!

  • Do you hear any beeps?

    In the case you hear beeping sounds, here is a table indicating what may be the problem.

    If you don´t hear any beeps you can try removing the battery and the power cable from the computer and holding the power button for 1 minute and then try again.

    Also you can try removing the memory and testing one at the time, here is an article on how to remove the memory on your computer.

    You can try removing the hard drive as well.

    If after all this troubleshooting the issue continues to be the same a hardware replacement may be necessary, so please send us an e-mail including your service tag and phone number to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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