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Maximum frequency RAM that is compatible with the Area-51?

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Maximum frequency RAM that is compatible with the Area-51?

  • I am thinking of ordering the Area-51, with the i7 980x extreme processor.

    I will order only the base RAM (6GB 1333MHz), which I plan to upgrade.

    I'd like to install 12GB of the trichannel RAM.

    I think 12 GB (3 x 4GB) 1600MHz would work;

               but would 12 GB (3 x 4GB) 1866MHz work ?

               - what about 12 GB (3 x 4GB) 2000MHz ?

    I don't know much about this stuff, but I've read that high frequency RAM may stress the CPU, actually making the computer run slower.




  • For gaming the faster it is the better. For 3D rendering and heavy multi tasking the more memory the better.The system is supported with 1866MHz 6gb or 1600Mhz 12gb. Dell won't support it with anymore of the 2 combinations.

    12gb of 1866MHz may work but I don't know since I have never tried it. Someone here may have tried it.

    6gb of 1866MHz overclocked to 2000MHz does work i'v done it. I do not know if straight up 2000MHz memory will work. I guess it will.

    If you are just gaming there is no reason to get any thing over the 6gb 1866MHz.  If you do CAD work or rendering get the 12gb of the 1600.

    Dell is crazy with the price they want for any of the memory upgrades.

    What I would do is buy it with the cheap memory and then upgrade it yourself. The Corsair memory in my sig works 100%. It will cost you about $250. I'm not sure  what the exact price it is going for now but its around there I think. You can check Newegg for it.

    I will even help you with the settings if you decide to do it that way just send me a private message.

     The safe way of doing it is getting the 1866 or the 1600 so if you have issues Dell will help you out with it since they do support those speeds. Just keep in mind if they believe the memory is defective when you call them to trouble shoot the system you will be asked to put the stock memory back in. That means you can't sell the stock memory since you may need it for trouble shooting or if you need to have the system replaced. the cheap memory with the system and the upgrade it with the same speeds they sell with the system. Thats the best way to goBig Smile



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  • Hi
    I asked the tech about what the board and bus support when he was here recently.  It's only 6GB of 1866MHz or 12GB of 1600MHz as already stated.  I was alsotold it will not support 2000MHz natively.  Buthtne someone's already said that's possible.......

  • Alsodon't spend the extra on buing ECC (Error Checking) RAM as the i7's do not suppor it.  It will run but as standard memory.

  • "Alsodon't spend the extra on buing ECC (Error Checking) RAM as the i7's do not suppor it. It will run but as standard memory."


    Has nothing to do with the CPU, the mobos, more specifically, the chipsets used in consumer-grade PCs don't suport ECC. You need a pro-level mobo for that. 

  • I've had been running 2000mhz on my Aurora for almost a year with rock solid stability. I use kingston hyperx 2000mhz-rated 6gb (3x2). To achieve 2000mhz, you need to use 2000mhz-rate RAM, and you can populate only 3 memory slots. Occupying all 6 slots would cost you at least 10-20% in speed because it's much harder to sync @ 2000mhz across all 6 banks.

    On my Aurora:

    6gb (3x2), 2000mhz.

    12gb (6x2), 1740mhz.

  • 10- MALL, Which ones are you using / , thnx


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  • That's the link to the kingston hyperx that I use, very good quality. But that's only 6gb in size. Depending upon how much memory you need, and how badly you want to achieve 2000mhz, you may want to buy 12gb (3x4gb), a little more costly, but it gives you a better shot at reaching 2000mhz. If you populate all 6 dimm slots, there is no way you can achieve 2000mhz.

  • I bought Kingston HyperX T1 (3x2gb) about a year ago ($137.99 now, but was close to $250 then), recently bought another set of same kind that came with a fan ($140).

  • Thnx 10-mall

    XPS 730 X.. I7 950  BIOS 1.05  WIN7 PRO

    2x 750 RAID 0,

    GPU HD 5870 X2 IN CF

    AW FX

    teutonic360 on steam


  • What about if you populate all 3 dimm slots in an Area-51,  with 2000mhz (3x4gb)?

    The area-51 only has 3 dimm slots (unlike the aurora which has 6).

    Would 2000mhz (3x4gb) work in the Area-51?


  • I think you should be able to achieve 2000mhz with 12gb(3x4gb), though it's just my speculation since I don't have first-hand experience with Area-51. To increase your odds, you need to buy 2000mhz-rated ram, not try to overclock 1600mhz or 1800mhz rated parts.


  • Hey all. I'm thinking about buying the same corsair memory you have, but I literally know squat about how to make it work with the bios and everything. Would you, Morblore, or anyone else, be willing to answer a few questions on this thread about how all that works that would be fantastic. Thanks!

  • Hello

    I have a Area 51 with a i7 CPU X 980 @ 3.33GHz, I have put 12 G of Corsair Dominator GT ddr3 2000MHz in but the machine stops at the windows log on screen. Can I go into the setup and down grade the speed from 2000 to 1600 as you guys have said 2000 wont work or will I have to send it back?

  • I too would like to upgrade my ram. I've found 12 GB of Corsair Vengeance (3x4GB) 2000MHZ memory for a good price, and I'm just wondering if it will work in my Alienware Area 51 ALX.

    Sorry, I've read the above but I'm just wanting some clarification as I'm a bit of a noob.