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Enterprise Reporter - Software Installed on Workstations - More Options ?

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Enterprise Reporter - Software Installed on Workstations - More Options ?

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So far we were able to figure out, how to get the installed software from a pc in report. Is there a possibility to filter pc's on dedicated OU's (Seems that the report typ for this is left any OU information selection) and also query which software is not installed on the workstation ?

Thanks for you suggestions.

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  • Hello,

    Currently, the out of box reports for computers does not include the functionality required to filter by OU.

    Assuming the computer discovery and the appropriate AD discoverys were run, a custom query report could be used to perform the filtering by OU.

    As for the software not installed, are you looking at supplying a list of software that should be on the computer, and have the computer return the list should any of the software not be found?


  • Hi Peter

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay.

    What we need is to return the computernames that DO NOT have a specific software installed. We just created a report with the field "installed software" and the parameter "not contains". But after choosing for example itunes the computers listed HAD itunes installed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • ComputersWithoutService.txt


    The easiest way for you to do this is with a custom query report.

    I've attached a query to this post which does what you want, but without any special parameters.  The service display name is currently hardcoded to 'itunes' but can be changed.

    If you require the complete report, could you request the report with any extra details you want, such as desired filters and which computer attributes to return.  Requesting the report in this location gives visibility to reports that others may find useful.



  • Hello,

    I've just posted to a report which will return computers which do not have a specific service installed.

    View this post at

    View this post at http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/windows-management/enterprise-reporter-custom-reports/f/4880/t/19627366


  • Hi phannah

    This is it. I changed it a little bit to retrieve not installed softare (not service) and it seems to work. The only thing I need now is the OU field of the retrieved computer. I didn't find out yet how to get this field.

  • The OU of the computer is not collected within the Computer discovery, but is through an Active Directory Discovery.  If you have the AD discovery, you could join to the tblDomainComputer, where the computerName columns are equal.  the tblDomainComputer table then has either the full Distinguished name of the computer as well as a link to the tblDomainOU table if you want OU specific properties.

  • Thanks for the tip.

    But I didn't get it to run. We have AD Discovery activated. Could you give me a hint about the syntax ?

  • Hello again, and I'm sorry for losing sight this thread.

    I'm wondering if you ever got your report sorted out?