As gamers, many of us are also hardware enthusiasts. It is our craft that's one of the main driving forces of hardware innovation today, after all. Because of the gamers' love affair with hardware, many have become experts in the field. From case mods to overclocking, this wiki is here to collect all manner of hard earned hardware expertise in a searchable form to benefit the community as a whole. Over time, this wiki will hopefully become a sourcebook for anyone wanting to know more about the tricks of the gamers' hardware trade.


In posting articles for this wiki it is important that every article be consistent in style with the others, as this promotes clarity and a sense of cohesion throughout the project as a whole. For simplicity’s sake, this wiki will closely follow the Wikipedia Manual of Style, except when consensus dictates otherwise. For the sake of brevity, that manual will not be reprinted here, though anyone interested in participating in this project is encouraged to familiarize themselves with that document. Due to platform differences, sections of the Wikipedia MoS which are clearly platform dependant will not apply. As the project develops, we may opt to create a style manual specifically for this wiki.


Every article should be based upon facts, and external linking to cite sources when applicable is highly encouraged. Original research is permitted due to the nature of the material, but photos and diagrams should be included if at all possible.


Editing of the articles is permitted by any member of the community; though commenting and collaboration are encouraged throughout the process. Before creating an article, please ensure that an article on the same topic doesn’t already exist by searching.