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Alienware desktop keyboard specs

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Alienware desktop keyboard specs

  • Hi,

    I know Dell ships a default Alienware keyboard (standard) with the Alienware desktop systems. But, what about any advanced keyboard that illuminates? Can customers buy those as well and what are the differences please?

    Thank you!

    Eddie M.



  • Hi Eddie,

    There is only one Alienware Keyboard.  It is the one that ships with all Alienware Desktops.  It has programmable macros, unlimited profiles, and Alien FX - customizable 2-zone lighting.

    As for other keyboards, I'm sure there's a bunch, but you're best bet would be to check indivudual keyboard maker's websites.  Just doing a quick google search I found a few logitech keyboards, a "tron" based keyboard, and a few others.   We of course recommend using the Alienware TactX keyboard (standard with Alienware desktops). :)



  • Thank you Emily! Appreciated!

    I found this keyboard that is different from what one customer showed me as he received a stock keyboard for his Alienware desktop purchase:

    Not sure why there are 2 Alienware keyboards out there. Thanks anyway!