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WIDI-Intel or Killer Wireless-N?!?

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WIDI-Intel or Killer Wireless-N?!?

  • Yesterday, a customer asked me if Killer Wireless-N wifi card offers WIDI or if only INTEL-based wifi internal cards offer WIDI??? I told him only INTEL-based wifi cards offer that WIDI feature. Was I correct?

    Eddie Merc

    Pearl Harbor DELL KIOSK

    Hawai'i, USA


  • Hi Eddie,

    I got some clarification on this for you.  Actually the Killer Wireless-N Cards don't have anything to do with a laptop being able to stream wirelessly to a TV or other source.  

    To be able to stream wirelessly depends most on the graphics card.  Intel makes integrated graphics cards that are in some of our systems, but never in any Alienware systems.  Alienware, since it's more about the graphics and power for gaming, had a dedicated graphics card.  Those can do what's called wireless HD.

    For that technology, customers can buy a box to plug their TV (or projector) into (i.e. a receiver), and a USB device to stream wirelessly to that TV.  Some of our Alienware's offer the option to build in that wireless HD, so the customer would only need to purchase the box to go on the receiving end. 

    Does that help?



  • Thanks Emily for the information! Appreciated!


  • Dear Dell Emmily!

    I have buyed Alienware 17 r2 with Killer 1525 wireless card and . I wanted to use this laptop to connect to widi compatible tv. Unfortunatelly wireless display is a not as standardised area as wired displays.

    Killer wifi is simply not compatible with any intel WIDI. So it is possible to connect to a wireless display with new usb connected "dongle" to cromecast, miracast stuff but for example widi compatible tv not. monitor or tv with WIDI compatibility can only be used with intel brand wifi card with intel processor. Complete compatibility list can be found on intel.com site.

    I hope wifi display will be more clear in the future.