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Dell Finanace and Customer Service

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I was layed off on Feb 3 2012, according to my contract with dell I have Insurance with a company called Assurance. Their job is to pay my payment until I can find another job with a few stipulations, one is that my account is current so I made the payment for Feb on the 3rd, they made a payment on Feb 9th, both were made in the same billing cycle. Wahoo...

I filled the forms for March and Dell refused the payment as they changed the status to default. Now as of today 5-12-2012 Assurance has been unable to make the payments because Dell REFUSED them.

Customer Service talked with me on Wednesday of this week, they said they would fix the status issue within 48 hours, yet here we are on Saturday and Dell Finance is calling at 8AM and wants to know if I will pay the balance on my computer with a check or credit card.

Why is this so difficult? Change the status, take the money and do not hit my credit as they state they have on Friday. I suspect that I am a victim of a scam by dell, they took my money for insurace, now they refuse to make good their obligation to pay themselves. By the way, my payments have always been on time, and I do enjoy my Alien.

Is there anyone out there that has a number for corporate, I need to speak with a manager that will follow up, call me back with a status or resolve the issue.



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  • Hi LayedOffand Harassed,

    I`m sorry you are having difficulties and will contact a moderator who may be able to help you. It will be Monday before some one contacts you.



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  • Hi LayedOffandHarassed,

    Sorry you are having problems with your Dell Preferred Account.  I may be able to assist.  Please contact me privately by clicking on my name in blue, then on the next page, click the envelope icon that says "start conversation", and send me your information.  Thanks.





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