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Need help in choosing a complete server system to manage 1000 desktops

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Need help in choosing a complete server system to manage 1000 desktops

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This is my first post for this forum but i will make it simple for people to understand

I need to setup a complete network for 1000 PCs but I kinda at a lost as to which server, storage and network to choose among the list in the Dell website

Brief summary of the requirements

The office is a 10 Story block

Each floor has up to 100 computers

In total there are up to 1000 computers in this building

Each computer is to be connected to at least 10Mbps network

Backbone network will be running at least 100Mbps and later the block will be connect to a main 100Mbps network to other office blocks

The computer are mainly used for administration and educations purposes

Although I am quite experienced in building desktops but server systems are out of my league 

I do hope someone will be able to guide me as to which server system to buy and what might be the initial cost as i need create a report about the initial cost of the hardware followed by installation and maintenance


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  • This sounds very much like a question from a class I took in school...  You can’t possibly be setting up a network like that in this day and age...   Can you?
    Where I work, we have Gigabit copper to each desktop.  It is easy, because modern desktop computers come with Gigabit Ethernet built in.
    Run it over CAT 5e or CAT 6 depending entirely on line length.  CAT 5e will sync at Gigabit speed as long as the line length is not more than (if I recall) 55 meters.  Use CAT 6 cable if the line length is greater than 55 up to the length limit of CAT 6.  Easy to find with Google
    Use a Cisco blade rack and blades on each floor to connect the desktops on each floor.  Use 10 Gigabit fibers to connect all your floors back to a central 10 Gigabit switch that would also connect to the servers in the datacenter.
    You probably want to have a separate 10 Gigabit switch in the datacenter to connect the servers to each other, to keep that traffic isolated.  We use v-LAN and subnets to partition our network traffic, but that is something you will need to discuss with a network architect to ensure you do it properly or you will have no communication at all.
    The servers you need in the data center depend entirely on what you plan on doing.  There is no way to be able to answer that question without knowing a whole lot more about the storage requirements of the organization.  We have multiple tape silo systems where I work because we store massive data in addition to a really massive SAN (storage area network) to store data also.  We virtualize most of our servers instead of having a single OS to a single unit. 
    It all gets very complicated depending on what you need...