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Dell Dimension 2400 Celeron 2.40ghz CPU Upgrade?

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Dell Dimension 2400 Celeron 2.40ghz CPU Upgrade?

  • I have an older pc with with the 2.4 ghz cpu. I recently found a 3.2ghz celeron cpu for 50 bucks with shipping (which I ordered). My PC specs are:

    Bus Speed: 400
    Processer ID: F29 2.4ghz
    Cache Size: 128kb
    Bios: A05

    This is the type of CPU I ordered:

    Intel Celeron D 351 3.20GHz / 256KB Cache / 533MHz FSB / OEM / Socket 775 / Processor

    I was wondering is it just switch and drop in easy, or do I have to update anything get and special adapters... ect

  • It won't work.

    The Celeron-D is based on the Prescott core, which the 2400 does not support. You must use a Northwood or earlier - Celerons, 400 MHz bus only and P4, Northwood only (512K cache or smaller).

    Max Celeron is the 2.8/400. Max P4 is the 3.06/533/512K P4.

    There is a PowerLeap socket that will allow a mobile Prescott CPU to work, but you will need that adapter/CPU combo from PowerLeap.

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  • Yeah, interestingly enough I just tried putting a 2.8Ghz PGA478B Celeron D inside my old Dimension 2400. Won't boot. The 2.4Ghz /512/533 Pentium 4 is one of the fastest CPUs I have for this old rig, and the extra 400Mhz of the Celeron D would really help in older games. I've got some slower Celerons and Pentiums down to 2.2Ghz with abhorrently small cache sizes. Got me an 8400GS 512...unfortunately the 2.4 P4 is a massive bottleneck, as well as the IDE drives. When I run out of the 768MB of RAM on W7 it drops to the HDD cache, and my framerate tanks in Oblivion. Morrowind would probably be easier to run though.