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  • hello, i just bought a
    "dell, inspiron, 6400, T2130".
    Processor is intel core duo,
    Memory 1 GB, 533 Ghz.
    I want to upgrade my memory from 1 GB to 2 GB.
    But i dont know the specifations of new RAMs which i have to buy.
    PC2-4200 or PC-5300 ?
    I just bought DDR 533 (PC2 43200 (also known as PC2 4300), but did not fit to my device.
    i just found out a RAM, written 533 Ghz, PC2-4200, the link is (    )
    does it competible to my laptop?
  • This is what you need:
    It's guaranteed compatible with your 6400.
  • thank u so much for immediate response.
    so i must buy PC2-4200, right ?
    i have allready bought PC2-4300 thatis why they did not fit to my laptop?
  • Not sure why 4300 wouldn't fit, but I'm not sure what you ended up with.  You can buy PC2-4200 or PC2-5300.  If the 5300 is the same price go with it and it will run at the speed of the bus or other slower memory, if any.  I strongly recommend Crucial memory as it is guaranteed compatible with your 6400.  If not in the US they can ship to many other countries.  See top right corner of their website.
  • thank you very very much to your kind support. That site is very helpfull. I am gonna buy a new couple RAM s from that site. take care
  • You're welcome and best of luck with your upgrade.
  • If you received what is shown in the picture, it will fit. Remember that the notch shown in the pin side of the module must be positioned correctly in order for the module to fit in the socket. There is one right way and one wrong way.
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