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D800 CPU upgrade

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D800 CPU upgrade

  • Hi,
    I have a:
    Latitude D800 pentium M 1.6
    1gb ram
    64mb Nvidia geforce 4200go
    I would like to upgrade my cpu and possibly my video card as well.  It seems dell doesnt support these modifications and I havent been able to find a straight forward answer as to whether these upgrades are possible.  I would mostly like to upgrade my cpu as its kind of the restricter on games. 
    Would something like this work: http://geek.pricegrabber.com/search_techspecs_full.php/masterid=2847280 ? Once I get the new CPU, how do I go about installing it (can it be done at home)?
    Thanks so much!

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  • oh, and whats the fastest/highest CPU and GPU I can put in? I want to punch it up as high as possible!
  • The CPU can be any 400 MHz (but not 533) bus Pentium-M.

    The top card for that chassis is the ATI 9600 Pro Turbo from the Inpsiron 8600. It's a proprietary card, and not easy to come by.

    Dell Spare Parts 1-800-449-3355 ext 7269937
  • FYI, if you're still looking for it, the fastest 400MHz Dothan is the Pentium M 765 (2.13Ghz.)

    The ATI 9600 Pro Turbo is listed as a 128MB Radeon 9600 (M10) most everywhere. The Dell Part Number is F3515. You can use that to find it on the web, which is a lot easier than going through the Dell Spare Parts dept IMHO. Drawback: price is more expensive (FYI, I called Dell for one this morning and they had none in stock, price was $229.00 so I ended buying it online for $249.00) Of course, there's always Ebay... :)

    Here's a list of your choices for a video card:

    8X960 32MB Video Card, Radeon 9000, (M9)
    N1539 128MB Video Card, GeForce FX Go5650, (NV31) - second best
    2Y068 64MB Video Card, GeForce4 4200 Go, (NV28)
    N6896 64MB Graphic Card, NV34
    F3515 128MB Video Card, Radeon 9600 Series, (M10) - best
    G3030 64MB Video Card, GeForce FX Go5200, (NV34)
    F3009 32MB Video Card, GeForce FX Go5200, (NV34)
    2Y833 32MB Video Card, GeForce4 4200 Go, (NV28)
    M6688 32MB Graphic Card, NV34

    Good luck,
  • I hate replying to my own reply but just one last note:

    F3515 - Card (Circuit),GRPHC,ATI,128MB,M10,8600 is a REFURB MR9600 (90 day warranty)
    H3251 - MOD,CRD,GRPHC,ATI,128,M10,8600 is a NEW MR9600 (one year warranty)

  • :smileymad: Well, strike that: it looks like the ATI is NOT compatible with the D800 :smileymad:

    When I change the card, the PC won't even boot. Maybe the card I got was DOA, I'll try to test in an Inspiron 8600...


    :smileysad: I guess I'll order a Nvidia GeForce 128 MB then...


    On the plus side, the Pentium M 765 made the biggest difference with my old Bania 1.6 Ghz.:robotvery-happy:

  • My F3515 Radeon 9600 pro just arrived and installed just fine.  Booted up first try with no problems.  It did seem to overheat once so I will be taking it out to do the heat modification located over at bay-wolf. You can search for it on google to find the modification since I cant link it here.

    But other than that everything seems to be working great.


  • You need to have one of the newer motherboard (ie: one of the ones manufactured after July 03 when Intel fixed the chipset to support 333Mhz.) On my old motherboard, the Radeon was not working on 333Mhz RAM would show as 266MHz even after I flashed to a M60. I replaced my D800 motherboard with a new one, identical to the M60 one, and now it works great.

    I guess that's why DELL doesn't enable the 333Mhz in the D800 BIOS vs in the M60 BIOS: all the M60 were manufactured AFTER the new Intel chipset rev while some D800 were not and you need to go with the largest common denominator.

    my $0.02

  • thanks for all the great information guys!