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Where to buy upgrade or repair parts

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Where to buy upgrade or repair parts

  • I thought about which forum to post this is and this seems to be the best one.
    I am constantly being asked where is a good place to buy parts and where should I avoid.  I would like input from everyone as to where I can direct people to make their purchases and just as important, where to stay away from.  I will be creating a web page that will carry this information.
    If you do make a suggestion to the good, what would you recommend to buy on the site.  And if you have a negative, what was your bad experience.
    I have listed some that I know of that are good:
    Dell Spare Parts USA  1-800-357-3355 ext. 69937 / Dell Spare Parts Canada  1-866-440-3355 - Good.  General parts purchases
    http://www.parts-people.com - Good.  General parts purchases
    http://www.zipzoomfly.com - Excellent.  General parts (especially on notebook hard drives)
    http://www.crucial.com - Excellent.   Memory
    http://www.ebay.com - Caution. Depends on the seller
    Thank you for your input.
  • Add newegg.com - prices are very competitive and service excellent (a few points better than zipzoomfly.com).

    Newegg ships from warehouses on both coasts, so shipping times are usually very good as well.
  • I have personally used ZipZoomFly (both as GoogleGear and as ZipZoomFly), Crucial (numerous times), Dell Spare Parts (for the parts you can't find other places), and eBay.  I found/find the first three excellect sources, and eBay, as you state, dependant on who you deal with.  For me, eBay would be a very last resort.

    Unfortunately we lost TeamExcess right there in Austin, TX that also sold Dell used parts.  One to avoid is MemorySuppliers.com.  Too many bad experiences (do a search of the forums) to bother with them.

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  • There is a local supplier here in Dallas who sells used, tested batteries for Dells on Ebay. His handle is 311computer-com and he has an Ebay store also. I have bought several batteries from him and no clunkers in the lot.

    There is another local seller of new and used surplus laptop parts on Ebay with the handle  bobsbid1. He has not been in action for long, but I have bought 4 items from his company at very reasonable prices, and which were shipped without delay.

  • I want to thank leduke30, ejn63 and johnallg for your input.  I was hoping that more of the members would have given their input.  Anyways, I have a web page that will try and track good places to buy computer parts from.

  • ejn63 wrote:
    Add newegg.com - prices are very competitive and service excellent (a few points better than zipzoomfly.com).

    Newegg ships from warehouses on both coasts, so shipping times are usually very good as well.

    I second that about Newegg.

    They are excellent I have purchased hundreds of items from them over the years and never had any issues.

    Also their custmor support is excellent, they backup what they sell and if anything is delivered DOA they will RPM it for you no questions asked. I had to return a few items and they were very helpful and fast to respond.

    They Ship FEDEX and alot of time you get free shipping.

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  • leduke30 above has recommended Bobsbid1 on eBay as a good source of parts. I also have made successful purchases from this guy but the last one was a joke.  The part was listed as a "used" Inspiron 4150 top cover sold "as is".  The picture was of a virtually new looking top.  What came was a piece of trash.  Totally scratched up and unfit for resale.  His response was "too bad - sold as is".  He promptly filed retalitory negative feedback in response to mine saying I would not comply with auction terms!  Nowhere in this guys listing did it say the picture was generic and not of the actual item.  Nowhere were any of the faults noted.  This guy sells so much stuff on eBay that they refuse to take action on over 300 negative feedbacks.  Several folks out there are trying very hard to get this guy removed from eBay.


  • Mea Culpa! I have not had any problems with the stuff he sold me; quite the contrary. If he is removed from Bay Wolf's list, sobeit, and I will not lose any sleep.
  • I have had mixed results from Amazon.com

    D800 battery has been fine, but two D830 batteries have held up less than a year each and I almost never 'deep-cycle'.

    I have just bought a replacement D830 from Dell Spare Parts at four times the cost, but a Dell 'spare-parts' Latitude LM battery from over eleven years ago is still functional.

    A Dell D800/D830/Docking Station AC Power Supply was less than $10 from Amazon, has worked fine for over a year and most importantly is recognized by the Dells as a genuine Dell Power Supply.

    I have also had good results from Amazon for Garmin GPS and Sony TV parts and accessories.


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  • Upgrade Options PLC (www.upgrade.co.uk), are an authorised Dell reseller, and can supply everthing, even 3.5" SAS disk caddys for servers (Dell don't sell these without disks).

    really competative pricing and a good service, would definatelty recommend.