Alienware m17x r4 Video card.

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Alienware m17x r4 Video card.

This question has been answered by Dell-Rajesh R

I have a DELL Alienware M17x - R4 laptop 


I have an AMD RADEON 7970m graphics card installed, but I am finding that the M17x seems to be using the default Intel graphics card instead.

Can I easily set-up the Alienware M17x – R4 to select the AMD RADEON 7970m graphics card instead of the Intel one ?

How would I go about doing this? Is there any problems/issues with doing this?


Thank you.

Verified Answer
  • Hi Recouda,

    We need to manually add the application/games to AMD Catalyst control centre.

    • Click the Start button and select Programs
    • Click Catalyst Control Center
    • Click Power and select Switchable Graphics
    • Choose an application from the list or browse and select an application and assign the appropriate GPU.

    For more information, refer the following video: