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x51 R2... will it ever work? *help*

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x51 R2... will it ever work? *help*

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So yea, first day I get the machine I do all the updates (everything). I install a few games to try out the power of the x51. It preformed like a beast that first night I got to use it. However, the next morning when I woke up I facepalmed. I started up the machine and I got a green screen with black squares over the screen... so I proceeded to shut down and try again... so then I would get the alienware logo and it fails to load windows  so im forced yet again to forcefully shut down.... after many attempts I would finally get it to load windows and proceed to my desktop... well after that anytime I would get it to load finally to the desktop I would watch a video or try and play a game and the system reboots on its own....  so yea after putting up with that a bunch of times to try to get it to run correctly I reboot and I get a screen that says please plug in your power supply for the grahpics card ( gtx 670). Well its obviously plugged in and connected firmly.... so yea I reboot check the wires all in there correctly and it says please connect the power supply once again.... so yea after awhile I took a break and came back at it... and wow this time it actually got past the "please connect power supply screen" on startup and was able to make it the desktop once again... but that's when I ran into the system shutting down again when watching a video and/or playing games.... so yea I plugged up my hdmi to my integrated gfx and it booted up fine and it would never restart while I had it in the integrated gfx. but sometimes when I started it up on the integrated windows would not load, but if it did, it would never reboot on its own.

few days later.... tech guy comes to my house and puts in a brand new 670 and a power supply... and it was still doing the exact same thing, no changes even with new hardware... so now im waiting on the next tech guy to come soon and install a new motherboard and harddrive.... will this fix it for good so I can enjoy my  nearly 1500$ investment? *sigh* does anyone have a true solution or share an experience like this that fixed their problem for good?

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  • Tech guy should be here today.... going to update later to see if this machine even works with new everything.... if not im ganna cry myself in a hole.

  • *update* so tech guy came put in a new mobo and switched out the harddrive with a new one... then tried to start the pc and it said please connected the pcie power supply to the gfx card, however the harddrive he got didn't have windows installed on it so we went back to the harddrive that was in it before.... booted up system and it loaded up fine... now im about to attempt to play some games and see if I have any failure after basically getting new hardware installed globally on the new motherboard. so lets hope and  pray it works now otherwise I smell a full refund... however I would prefer if it just worked for the money I put into it.... shame if it don't work... but I will be back to update....

  • if you have any other performance issues try this..

    Go to BIOS and under integrated devices and switch pci-e gen 3 to disable.  

  • thanks for the tips, I read that somewhere where that fixes some crashes in games... but yea im downloading a game to try out that's pretty demanding... the witcher.... but yea be back to report if any more failures =/

  • appears to be working as intended now, mobo was the true problem... lets hope it continues to work as it should

  • I should have a person coming out tomorrow to replace the motherboard like you. It seems what (1 out 4) tech support said that not many are experiencing problems with the X51 R2 like me is just plain wrong. Haven't had a day yet that it hasn't crashed/reset or just fell into a loop where nothing but the fan is whirring up.

  • that sucks, but the mobo should fix it, mines still working great, cept the only problem i have now is that the lighting goes out sometimes. its a great machine as long as the parts dont mess up... i can max out like every game.

  • well its been about 10 days... and guess what this piece <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> is shutting off on its own again... gg

  • getting a new system sent to me in a couple weeks or so... will update even further if this system is just a f ail

  • while running some tests on the x51, i found that the system is great, but lacks cooling inside the unit for those high demanding gfx on some  games... i used msi afterburnger to adjust the fan speed to stay at 80% while running.... and guess what... not one shut down yet.... but still waiting to see if this is not the case... the default settings on the card are horrible specing, the card would reach  88c and wouldnt use the fan like its suppose to... the fan would at most go to around 68% fan speed give or take, which isnt enough to cool it sufficently

  • wish I would of saw this before I spent as well. I mean all the reviews are pretty good they must be planted. Digging into the forums and the plethora of topics when search on the same issue? What a bummer.