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16GB of RAM for the X51?

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16GB of RAM for the X51?

  • Is it possible to install two 8 GB RAM cards into my X51, or is there a motherboard limitation preventing me from going over two 4 GB cards?

    If not, will upgrading to an ivy bridge processor allow me to go over this 8 GB threshold?


    I would really like to have 16 GB of ram in my system.


    Thanks for your help :P

  • I think I read on here that someone had swapped in 16gb of ram... they had also done a 560ti while in there.

    I have 16gb ram on my list, but I need to get some things for the laptop first.

  • forum.desktopreview.com/2307749-post249.html

    It was on the desktopreview forums, and it looks like he swapped in 12gb

  • okay cool! thanks, awesome. I love how the X51 has so much potential for upgrading.

  • Yes,

    I just upgraded my X51 base model with 4GB RAM to 16GB RAM. - I've left the system ON for almost 24 Hours now and the machine has been Stable. Thats all I care :)

    It is very simple to upgrade. I found the following 16GB (8GB * 2 Modules) on NewEgg for 99.00 USD.

    1. Buy the Ram

    2. Open the Desktop and replace the existing RAM (Shutdown the machine)

    3. After system starts - Confirm you changed the RAM HIT F1 to continue

    4. RAM was showing 5.9 in Windows Index, after you hit refresh the RAM now shows 7.9 Windows Index


    Mushkin Enhanced Essentials 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Desktop Memory Model 997017

  • So you upgraded your ram to boost your windows score? When will people realise there is 0 percent to gain going from 8gb to 16gb in everyday computing, gaming and multi tasking. The only time you gain 0.01% gain is when you INTENTIONALLY try to multi task to absurd levels.

    It's a waste of time nobody should bother doing it + it may actually use a couple of extra watts of power.

    My Alienware x51 -  Core i7 2600, EVGA GTX 660Ti, 8GB RAM, Crucial m4 256GB SSD (replaces HDD for better cooling)

  • Bills889 - My response was to a question in this forum - What I do with the 16GB RAM is totally upto me.... the windows index was given to just let people know what effect it had on the windows score.

    Obviously your opinion is also welcome just as mine - Cheers

  • I was directing the post to the thread starter even though i mentioned the windows score. It seems allot of people have an OCD like reaction to upgrading components even when there is evidence to show that there virtually no benefit to doing so.

    My Alienware x51 -  Core i7 2600, EVGA GTX 660Ti, 8GB RAM, Crucial m4 256GB SSD (replaces HDD for better cooling)

  • Hey guys.

    Well I agree that for normal usage going more than 8gb of ram would be an overkill, still I always wondered if I have 8gb more of ram, then I would create a virtual hard drive out of it (extremelly fast) and I would try to install the game I would be currently playing on it. I do not know if its actually possible, but sometime in the past I heard something about it.

    I have some questions:

    - Does the board support more than 8gb per slot?. (Dont know if there is even 16gb slots)

    - Any particular recomendations for the type of memory that you could use? I remember reading somewhere that some memories that have big heatskink would interfere with the DVD drive

    - What is the maximum memory speed that the Alienware would support?. 1600?, 1833? 200+?.


  • I found some information about making a ram a virtual hard drive:


  • Hey everyone!. I got a corsair EMS3 16gb at 1600mhz but even with bios A10, it is telling me the speed is only 1333. Have you experienced this kind of issue?

  • This thread made me smile.... it reminded me of my university days when a mate and I crammed 8MB (Not GB) of RAM into a 486 DX2/66 Motherboard so we could install and run Doom II entirely from RAM instead of the HDD, boy was it fast..... ah memories....

  • @_G_

    Amazing!, was virtualization technology so advanced on the 90s?. I did not know you could manage to make DOS or Windows 3.1 believe the RAM could be used as HDD... memories!, I agree with you... DOOM was the first game I loved from PC.

  • I got this message directly from Alienware on facebook.....

    The max memory it'll support is 32GB but technically that is 16GB. This is due to the fact that it only has 2 slots for memory and nobody really makes 2x16GB ram modules at an affordable price right now. Even then, 16GB will be more than plenty for the next 5+ years.

  • Omg i have 8GB and i thought that was enough lol.