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Alienware Aurora Windows 7 Re-install

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Alienware Aurora Windows 7 Re-install

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Listen, I have an Alienware Aurora desktop with all the default settings.  I recently ran into a problem (unrelated) which caused me to need to reinstall Windows 7, so I did; only when I finished, the Alienware theme was gone, replaced with the bright blue Windows 7 theme with the windows 7 boot screen with bright green vines, and Command Center, Alien FX Controller, and Thermal Controller and other stuff were gone.  My computer had detected a different monitor than the one connected, and a different video card than the one connected, and the windows leave trails if I drag them.  Is there a problem when reinstalling windows on an alienware, in which it instead installs the normal version of windows, rather than the Alienware edition? Please help.

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  • To get the "Alienware" install, you would have had to use the Recovery Partition to restore the OS to the factory install.  If you use the disk, you get the vanilla Windows install.  You'll need to download, install, configure, tweak your themes from the standard Windows 7 themes.  If you have a backup of your old C: drive, the files should still be there.

    As for the video card/monitor ... you need drivers.  Start with the chipset, then video and any other devices that are needed.

    If you need more specific instruction or assistance, I'd recommend posting on the Alienware boards:

  • Well, the disc installed Alienware when I first got my computer.  So why won't it now, and is their any way to wipe my drive so it's like starting a fresh install so it DOES install the alienware windows?

  • Other Dell products (as well as most other manufacturers' products) do not install the factory image from the included DVD.  If Alienware is meant to be different, I've never heard of it, which is why you should probably post your question in the Alienware forums.  I don't see how it could install one way once and another way another time.

  • Never mind, I found out how to fix it; the DVD I used to install Windows was only part of the install; the Alienware Aurora also came with this other "Resource DVD" that supposedly will fix all of the problems I am describing

  • Good to know ... good luck.

  • So how did you get the Alienware Win7 disk to install?? When i boot the system to the Alienware install it complains that it can not find needed driver.  I had to pull the raid driver off the Resouce Disk and put it on a usb device (which has to be plugged into the back of the machine to be recognized. The install disk completes but the system will not configure after restart to the hard drive...  BTW the machine is an Aurora R-4 had it less than a week and the Dell warrenty support team tells me that it is a violation of the warrenty to re-install the operating system!!!  

  • Listen, Coinoperated, I do onot fully understand what you are asking so I am going to give you a detailed description.  When I first got my Alienware Aurora, it was messed up (turns out the internal power cable was out of place) and some guys came to "fix" it.  When they came, they also installed windows, alienware version, I don't remember if they used the disc or not.  When I ran into a problem recently, I had to reinstall, so I shut down my computer, put the Windows 7 Disc that came with the Aurora in the drive, selected it to boot from the DVD drive, and ran the installation normally.  No problems, except I had lost all of the customizations that are unique to Alienware.  I put the resource disc in, DID NOT BOOT FROM IT, booted NORMALLY, went to "my computer" right clicked on the dvd, clicked open, ran the application, and installed all of the options there.  I downloaded an Alienware Computer theme from the internet (if you need it, ask me; it's not perfect, but i'll do for now) and changed the logon screen, so I don't have to look at Windows Green Vines whenever I log on, and my computer was back to normal.  If you didn't use AlienRespawn to reinstall, it is now impossible to use AlienRespawn, so if you want to make backup use Norton Ghost or Acronis.  BTW do a clean install of windows.

  • Hi  there i have a alienware aurora r4 i hade to reinstalled the window for some reason.But my pc cannot seems to install the window from orignal window dvd 

    it loads the windows files in UEFI mode after loading windows file it just stays on windows loading logo and do nothing.I tried to install the window in LEGACY mode but sreen stays blank and does nothing i dont know what is the problume. i did some research on internet and found some clue that i have tio install the drivers for the device where i am getting error but how can i install the drivers from out side the window mode.even with usb inserted .and it dont recognize any other windows dvd at all.Hiting F2 goes to bios and hiting F12 goes to boot up menu and loads windows files in UEFI mode after that nothing 

    New alienware dont have a respawn mode where i can restore window i am so desprate.

    please help me to reinstall the new copy of windows 7 on my pc