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Unable to firmware update samsung ssd that came in r3

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Unable to firmware update samsung ssd that came in r3

  • hello,

    I'm trying to update the firmware of the pm830 that came in my r3, however, the Samsung SSD magician  v3.1 i 'm trying to use to update it shows the drive correctly as being a Samsung SSD pm830, howeve,r when I try selecting it to do the update it says "not a supported Samsung SSD". I then tried changing from raid to ahci in bios but still same issue.  Any ideas on why I can't update the firmware on this drive?


  • Additional info:

    the firmware on my pm830 is cxm02d1q and the model number is mz7pc256d and when you look up that drive on samsungs firmware page the latest is from Jan 9th 2012. Samsung software just isn't seeing it as a supported drive. Even when using the magician software it will not let me use the benchmarking tools etc. Because it keeps saying it isn't a supported Samsung ssd...

  • If that was a drive installed by Dell, it's not supported by Samsung,  I have two Dell installed Samsung SSDs

    Model:  SAMSUNG SSD PM800 2.5" 256GB

    Firmware:  VBM25D1Q

    Serial number:  S0GUNEAZA04135

    Serial number:  S0GUNEAZA04158

    There is no info/sticker on the physical drives and the above date is collected from the Intel Storage (RST) software version When writing to Samsung some time ago asking a question about firmware I was told they don't support any OEM installed drives. Somewhere I believe I read a comment in this forum (couldn't find it) that those Samsung OEM SSD do not support firmware updates. - If true, not sure it's a physical aspect of the drive or whether it would needs a specially developed upgrade package from Dell. I also understand, my drives do not support the TRIM feature (the reason I wrote to Samsung as I understand they had a firmware update for that feature). Samsung didn't even answer that question just stating "We do not support OEM installed drives. You need to contact Dell"  I then found out that Trim isn't presently supported under Raid 0 anyway, (perhaps this year) so I didn't contact Dell on this issue yet.


  • Thank you so much for the reply. Mine does have a sticker on the hdd stating model number size etc just like any other hdd. if what you say is true about not supporting updates i dont know how that make much sense. Thanks again for the info and i hope dell comes out with the updates for these ssd's.

  • You are welcome.  We are in the same boot.  But given the way Dell is supporting Graphic Cards driver updates, I'm not holding my breath with an SSD firmware update by Dell.  They obvioulsy would need Samsung input and I not sure if Dell has such an agreement with them. I assume they received a special deal, perhaps even for "scaled down" drives, which did not include any suport for the final user. Not that uncommon as far as I know.


  • Well, further to my comment in in last post, I have to appologize, as I noted today that on the Dell site there is in fact a firmware update for the Samsung 256GB SSD PM800 drives.  But I am confused and need help. for this update and well as the firmware update I posted about under

    en.community.dell.com/.../20030164.aspx     (no answers to-date)

    1) For my SSD with firmware   VBM25D1Q  the info on the dell site states "initial release"  How can I check whether this is a newer version than what I have?

    2) Also the instructions indicate

    1. Extract all provided zip files to the Bootable USB Drive (extract to the root directory).  This will create a DSRD folder on the USB drive ......"

    but the downloaded file is an EXE file.  I thought it was a self-extracting zip file but executing it shows:

    It  also shows PM800 128GB whereas I have the 256GB drives and the download page shows this file to be applicalble for the 256Gb version.(see below) creating another question. 


    So I obviously do not wish to proceed without further explanations.  Is there a knowledge contact at Dell/AW who can explain this and provide appropriate explanations and guidelines including how to proceed it there are, as in my case, 2 such SSD's operating in Raid 0 mode as installed by AW.  DELL-Chris M.  could you please assist here

    3) Also with my other post quoted above, the instructions there are obviously incomplete and also require fixing.  Given the reference for the SSD update states "using a bootable USB key", I assume the other update also require booting from a bootable USB key.

    4) To generate such I found at MS the Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.  Does anyone know whether or not that can that be used to create the required bootable USB key to use it for such installations as mentioned above or is that only usable for installing Windows 7 from a USB stick?


  • I just bought a XPS 17 that has a Samsung PM830 SSD and I have the same questions as you my friend. I would expect Dell reps to anwser. I for one am about to package this laptop up and send it back if answers are not forthwith. The biggest question is how to perform maintenance on these drives when Magician Software will not even recognize them?

  • This is pathetic, I have M14x R1 with PM830 256gb ssd and SAMSUNG Magician software does not support our ssd. We pay extra premium to dell to get factory ssd and we cant perform maintenance and support on our SSDs. Dell should fix this soon.

  • I Contacted Samsung:

    When I use the Magician Software (ver 3.1) to Optimize my Dell Laptop that came with a Samsung SSD PM830 the software comes back with a Not a Supported Samsung SSD. How am I support to optimize the SSD for both Performance and the OS?

    Samsungs Answer:

    gThe PM830 Series SSD is the OEm version of our Samsung 830 Series SSD. The Magician tool does not read your unit simply because the software was made to read and manage the firmware of the retail market version only. With the PM830 that particualr unit carries frimware made by Dell. In order to recieve information
    on the unit we recommend that you contact Dell.

    So I Contacted Dell:

    I recently purchased this computer with a Samsung PM830 Series SSD. I currently have a Samsung 830 in another computer that I built which has software to optimized the capabilities of the SSD called Samsung SSD Magician ver 3.1 I contacted Samsung about why this software will not run on my computer and this was their response: Magician Tool does not read your unit simply because the software was made to read and managge the firmware of the retail version ONLY. The PM830 version SSD carries firmware made by DELL. We recommend you contact DELL. I can not find anything about this on your website. How am I suppose to optimize this SSD. It is bound for dissaster if I can not optimize this drive.

    Dell Answer:

    Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty Online Support.

    Hi, I am aware that you'll be needing assistance with your Samsung PM830 Series SSD firmware. However, our department only supports those with hardware issues. We have a different department for complex interaction and software. If you need assistance for software issues, Please call our complex interaction and software fee-based department Dell On Call (DOC), Mondays to Fridays 8am-5pm CST at 8669403355.

    Thank you for choosing Dell.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Non-public info removed as per TOU>

    Technical Support Agent


    My Answer Back:

    I don't think you understand what I am saying. I bought this laptop less than 30 days ago from Dell. It came with a SSD that does not have a way to optimize it. It will slow down if I do not have a way to keep it maintenance. Why would I call anything fee based? The only thing I am more apt to do is return this laptop by request an RMA. If you cannot answer my question, then send this email to the appropriate department. I have three days and will be calling to have this returned. There will be no other choice for me. I do not want to, but this matter has to be answered to satisfy what seems to be a failure of having the appropriate included software to manage this SSD. Please forward this to a supervisor as soon as possible.


    I Never Received an Answer Back... and that was written on May 3rd, 2012. I buy a new top of the line laptop every 2 years and Dell can check my record, but since I am not getting any answers, this will be the last Dell I purchase. Too busy taking my money and not paying attention to customers. This will reflect to bankrupcy just like all the rest of the companies that disrespect its customer base.


  • Well, it appears not only are the DELL OEM versions inferior to the retail versions at least as to lack of supporting software, the available DELL Firmware update for the PM800 units also opens questions as posted earlier, which need to be answered.  But so far silence, just like your luck of a reply to your e-mail, And to me a "no answer" basically confirms the worse. Then, given Dell puts on it's own firmware on the drives, will a retail version work in the AW units, i.e. is the Dell firmware needed to make such a drive compatible with the AW PC's?

    I also had a few Dells but with my initial problems with my latest one and issues like this I might just try to build my own using only retail parts, rather than ordering from any supplier using OEM parts. And I have to replace my wife's old Dell now.


  • I really liked the product, but these issues really put me in doubt about buying Alienware again because of DELL. Spamfighter where is the firmware update to our SSD for DELL version, couldnt see it anyware.

  • Vurhan

    I really liked the product, but these issues really put me in doubt about buying Alienware again because of DELL. Spamfighter where is the firmware update to our SSD for DELL version, couldnt see it anyware.


    It is still listed for the Area 51 ALX which I have. While (as you can see from my Jan 2012 post this firmware update also applies to other systems, ("WARNING") I don't see your system listed and based on the initial execution it is for the PM800 128 GB, not for your PM830 and while still posted as being for the PM800 256GB, the firmware does not state so. So I have not applied it to my 2 drives (in Raid 0)

    I noted that since Dell changed all these updates to a March 2012 date the installation instructions have been considerably updated. Maybe my complaint helped LOL. It still refers to ZIP files but based on my previously posted screen print I am not sure if I contintue whether it extract files or executes the progromme. Also have other questions.  In summary:

    1. Is that initial screen (as posted earlier) wrong as to listing only a Samsung PM800 128 GB drive and should that read PM800 256 GB drive?
    2. Is this just an initial splash screen and proceeding will indeed extract files (i.e. is this EXE file indeed a self-extraction ZIP archieve?
    3. Will the programme update both my drives at the same time or will I have to take one out and update one after the other. 
    1. Obviously I have to take an image of all partitions on the Raid array as it is stated I loose all data and presumably also all partitions. Not quite sure how I then proceed with the installation of the various partitions including the two hidden partition and the O/S partition,
    2.  i.e. how do I partition the drive without the O/S. Has the bootable USB drive sufficient software on it (have never used such) to partition the drive or the RAID array? - Well I am playing with the idea of getting rid of RAID based on advice by Tesla anyway. So maybe I just re-install Win7, which I believe will install it's own hidden partition. Then partition the drive, then install my Arconis Image of my O/S partition over the just installed Win 7 or re-install all drivers and all software and the many, many WIN and other updates..
    3. I would forget about that  AlienRespam partition as it is of no use to me anyway. - may fry my MIO board. Had planned to get rid of it anyway.
    • Now with having that firmware on it which presumable is than similar to that of the retail versions of the drive, since the retail versions needs other software - as mentioned by you -  to improve the speed after full usage of the drive, would I still need thus software or does the "Dell" firmware include such. I'm in too deep water here as to knowledge on this aspect on SSD drives.  



  • Addendum:

    Sorry 3 a), b) c) showed up after presing POST as 1 2 3 and 4) as just a dot.

    Anyway since the actual release date is stated to be 8/1/2010 and my replacement system was deliverd  Nov 10, 2010 (software seems to have been installed on Nov 3/10) shouldn't my system already have that firmware installed?. Is there any way to check that other than going through the installation process as stated in the instructions  (which may or may not delete data)?


  • Spamfighter

    Is there any way to check that other than going through the installation process as stated in the instructions  (which may or may not delete data)?

    See if HD-Tune (free version) or CrystalDiskInfo will read it.

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  • Thanks Tesla, will check into those and try.