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dock for Alienware

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dock for Alienware

  • Sorry my English is very bad...

    I search a dock for Alienware with windows 7 64 bits because delldock don't work with Alien

    thank you to help me and happy new yea


  • I am unsure why you need the Dock, but have you looked at a Cooling Stand ?

    Many of them include USB ports and more.

    I use the CoolerMaster Notepal U3 wiith positional fans to cool mine and lift it up to a slight tilt and better position.

    Alienware M18x
    Intel i7 960xm, 1tb Samsung 840 SDD, 256gb Samsung 830 SSD, Dual GTX 580 SLI, 32gb Corsair Vengeance Ram.

  • Oh if you want a more inline with Alienware Dock check out this bad boy ;)

    CoolerMaster SF-19