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256GB DELL Mobility SSD

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256GB DELL Mobility SSD

  • I ordered the 256GB DELL Mobility SSD with my M17X R3.

    I checked the properties of the drive the next day and it reads as SAMSUNG SSD PM810 2.5" 2

    I was just curious if that is actually the same thing or that I have recieved an incorrect Hard Drive.


    I must add that I am very satisfied with everything else and with the amazing 1 week from ordering to delivery!

  • Hi

    Yes that is the right one, you could take it out and have a look at it if your worried,

    If you flip the laptop upside down and remove the battery, put a towel down or something to avoid marking the lid,  then remove  the two screws holding on the baseplate, pull the whole baseplate towards the back on the laptop and it will then diseneage two tabs and lift off.

    The SSD drive is is a gray coloured cradle held in by three screws, it is pretty light when you get it out but if you turn it over you should see it is a Samsung SSD srive.

  • Thank you very much Oodle, I'm glad I won't have to send it back, although I'm surprised DELL don't just advertise it as a samsung drive, would save me the worry.