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m17x OSD driver

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m17x OSD driver

  • Hi all,

    I had to re-install Win7 64 on my M17x from scratch this weekend to try and fix a bunch of crash problems.  I have downloaded and installed all of the current dell drivers, except the OSD driver is not downloading.  I think it's missing from Dells FTP site for some reason.

    It's listed as OSD v2.21 A03.  The file name is R240771.exe.  If someone happens to have this and can post it, I'd appreciate it.



  • Very strange James. I too have an M17x (R2) with Win 7 64bit but when I go to Dell's driver download page to get the OSD driver I am presented with file # R263892 OSD.v1.13-A03. Which M17x do you have?

  • Thanks for the reply.  I have R1. 


  • So that's probably the reason. Maybe Chris, Tesla, or one of the other pros can advise you.

    I still find it odd that the R2 gets an older update than its predecessor. Confused

  • I'm still not having any luck.  This driver shows up in the list when I do a driver search by system/tag (m17x R1), but when I click download I get a broken link.  I did some poking around on the Dell FTP site, and it's not there. 

    If anyone has this and can post it, that would be great. 


  • M17-R1
    OSD 9/18/09 2.21 A03
    Updated OSD to A03(2.21)Improves the following items on Vista 64 and Win 7.
    Can not toggle display by Fn+F6 under the conditions below:
    - Vista OS + Nvidia VGA
    - Vista OS + AMD VGA
    - Win7 OS + Nvidia VGA

    OSD 8/28/09 2.19 A02
    1. Provided compatibility with AMD VGA cards
    2. Improved functionality with Windows 7
    3. Improved functionality toggling to external displays

    OSD 5/5/10 1.13 A03
    Enhances toggle function VIA Fn+F6 to switch to external display

    OSD 1/20/10 1.11 A03
    1. No OSD dialog msg pops when boot Dual VGA SUT with DC then plug 150W AC
    2. No OSD dialog msg pops after press "Stealth" Button under DC
    3. Cannot keep display mode after Close / Open LCD Panel (LID action: Do nothing)

    OSD 1/15/10 1.10 A02

    OSD 1/17/2011 A00
    Initial Release

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  • Thanks Chris, but when I click on "download" after navigating to both of the R1 links you provided, I get a page that says:

    We're Sorry

    the page you are looking for cannot be found and may no longer be available.

    The page you are looking for cannot be found and may no longer be available.

    The R2 and R3 links work for me.

    Any thoughts?



  • Me too. Did you do a search on the Alienware Resource DVD for R240771.EXE?

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  • I am getting an error from the OSD unhandled exception on startup I have an M17xR2 running A03 OSD. Any ideas?

  • Chris I am having the same problem with the driver R240771. When I install it and restart my m17x in crashs and goes to a blue screen.  Today I was on the line with Alienware tech Joesph and he installed it as well system crash. Then we got dicnnected and he never called me back. Would you please find out the most updated information. Also please put a request in for the tech to call me back.



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