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M15X extreme overheating

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M15X extreme overheating

  • I recieved my M15X last December and when i had it for the first 8 months or so it ran like a charm, running all games on max settings with no problems. But recently performance has drastically been reduced. It only takes 5 minutes of playing a game to cause a very high drop in FPS and when i check the temperatures, they are 85 degrees celcius, this is far too high, this is only on each of the I7 cores ranging from 80-85 on all 8 of em, but the GPU and HD remain at 50-56.

     Is this perhaps a broken processor fan, or a general fan problem? However I have checked and my BIOS is only AO3 and not AO8, I'm not sure whether this would be the cause as I did not have this problem when I was first using my laptop. The fans also seem to be louder on startup, than they ever go whilst playing a game, not sure if that is relevant.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as right now i can only play Company of heroes for 5 minutes before it turns unplayable, where before, I could go hours on end. Thanks Smile

  • Edit: Im not sure the fans are even on. It sounds like it but I can feel no airflow on the back vents, and after 5 minutes the surface becomes too hot to even touch.


    Again I would appreciate any help thx, I really want to be able to use this beast again.

  • okay first is a  easy question .. have you cleaned out fans with compressed air reversed way i know my M17X i have to do it every week or 2 since it gets alot of dust in it second 85C isnt that bad  but is a little high my M17X runs in the 70C area from day one and is only 2 weeks old now( replacment system # 3) lol  and my video hovers in the 90's alot  while ingame  to me sounds like dust has collected but i could be wrong ..

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  • Yes i have done that recently, but no change, i know something is up as when i first used in and for a while afterwards there was no graphics lag in any games when everything was maxed out, but now literally a few minutes of doing anything brings the performance right down.

  • Did you overclock your CPU?

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  • No I havnt altered anything to my knowledge

  • Are you in ''STEALTH'' MODE? On your keyboard on the top right. The icon with the odometer, is it light up?

    Alienware M15x, Cosmic Black, 6GB DDR3, Intel Core i7 740QM, 1.73GHz (6M), ATI 5850,1GB,GDDR5,ANWNB, 500GB 7,200RPM.

  • Its always difficult to tell, but no im not, it does seem though while playing im on the integrated chip rather than seperate one, maybe theres a mix up, is there a way to tell which card is active other than that difficult to tell button?

  • Just to give an update on the situation I have done some temperature logging, and it is definetly the problem, and am going to get a tech round to fix it, but im not sure what exactl is causing. It could either be the fans or the heat sink, or both, is there anyway of telling, since I dont want to pay for both is one is unecessary. My warranty has run out recently, so cost is an issue, rather than just replacing all parts that could be the problem.


    Any suggestions?

  • In the left portion in  alien fusion it will show the text "running in stealth mode" if you are in stealh mode.

  • By alien fusion i presume you mean the command center and the fusion section, i checked there and nothing is shown about stealth mode, i have made sure it is turned off though. So temperature is the problem.

  • yup, command center -  kinda a sanity check to make sure. I have had mine for about 2 months now and the gpu stays around 70c with fan around 30% running an rc flight sim maxed out settings. I recently added 9 cell battery option which does a nice job of lifting the rear of the machine up. I noticed a big differance when I added that battery option - expecially the fact that the fans would not kick in at a 100% as compared to it laying flat with the 6 cell. NOt saying this is your issue - just want to share my experiance with the m15 maybe to help you troubleshoot your cooling issue.


    Best Regards,





  • also - i can feel the exhaust out of both rear vents.

  • I got the 9 cell when i first got the laptop, and i cant actually feel any air comming out the back, but i can hear the fans are on, or at least i think they are the fans. The laptop is too hot to touch at the back vents after half an hour and the underneath, you cant hold your figer there gor more than a second before you have to withdraw.

  • uick question, im about to contact dell support, but are there any other fans in the m15x, apart from the 2 back left and right ones. And what kind of things should be replaced to fix an overheating problem? So far i have in mind the 2 fans and the heat sink with thermal paste. I sthere anything else I should be aware of like smaller cpu fans or gpu fans? This really matters you see as il have to pay for all this stuff so I want to know everything tht may be the issue.


    Thanks in advance