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Aurora ALX Problems

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Aurora ALX Problems

  • Received my Alienware Aurora ALX yesterday. The first hours i spent on trying to boot it up only to find it stuck at the BIOS startup screen. (No error messages).

    Then when i finally managed to start it up (no idea why it suddenly started) I found a new problem.

    The desktop had a random clutter of green/blue/red... dots (depending on background colors). Tried updating drivers, different cables etc, and eventually did a factory restore.

    Kept trying to solve the graphics problem again today until it eventually went back to the BIOS problem.

    Tried these start and reboots for hours until it finally started up again about an hour ago, this time it went to black screen and no response in windows.

    Have not been able to pass the BIOS screen since.

    - Processor: Intel Core i7 920

    - Memory: 6GB 1600MHz

    - Graphics: Dual 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5870

    - Hard Drive: 1.5TB Serial ATA Raid 0 Dual HDD

    - OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

  • check all connections to do with the graphics cards, including slave cable.  If it still does not reboot, disconnect slave and try again.  I had a situation where the slave connectiongave me caused my machine to not read BIOS after powering on.  It worked with the single master, but after replacing the 2nd card and having the same problem the mobo was identified as the problem.  Dell replaced that machine because it was defective right from the get go.  good luck

    from XPS2010 --> to Alienware M17x-R2
    CC OSD V_113
    I7-720QM, 1.6, 6MB, Clarksfield, B1
    8GB1333MHZ, 512X64, 8K, 200 DIMM
    ATI 5870 CrossX
    Dell 8.692.2.0 (2/3/2010)
    ATI HD Audio
    IDT HD Audio Codec
    Seagate 320GB 7200
    Dvd+/-Rw, 8X, Sony Nec Optiarc Inc
    17WUXGA 1920x1600
    No add-on
    Keyboard or Mouse
    Win7 Ultimate 64b (Anytime Upg from Alienware Win7 Home Premium)

  • Yeah, thanks for the reply.

    Did the tests with both the DVI connections and the HDMI. Tried different combinations and components connected etc. No changes with the graphics.

    The problem though is that since saturday I haven't been able to start it up again, cant get passed the DOS start up screen. 

    Received a reply today on my support ticket from last friday and was referred to a number where no one answered. Tried for hours before I was told that the support service had closed for the day.

    So back to scratch.

  • Power off, remove the CrossfireX bridge, remove one of the video cards, connect the monitor to the remaining video card, power on the monitor, then the PC. Does it boot up? If no go, pull that video card and try the other one by itself.

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  • I had similar issues with my Alienware Aurora ALX. I carefully use the word similar rather than exact. In my case the computer would freeze and reboot randomly (as opposed to crash) at least 7-10 times daily. This could happen doing any normal activities on the computer like using MS Word or playing media files etc. After the reboot The BIOS POST would get stuck at around 70% mark forever. Then I would have to do a hard reboot and then press F2 to get in the BIOS settings only to find out that the BIOS was in fact not holding the correct data. The HDD settings would change from RAID to AHCI and the Boot Sequence would have all my external HDDs instead of the RAID HDD. This was very frustrating and I could not really use the computer for my daily work at home. I subsequently raised a call with Dell Alienware Tech Support (they are based in Bratislava, Slovakia) who were helpful but slightly lacking technically. I patiently explained all the problems that I had and the representative asked me to run non-interactive diagnostic tests. I noticed that many errors popped up relating to the USB and Optical drive tests. I provided all the detailed error messages to the Tech Support representative who admitted that those codes did not make much sense. I suggested that the motherboard be changed as there is nothing else that could be done short of replacing the whole computer itself. That was promptly agreed and the support engineer (from a 3rd party contractor) was sent the next day (as I have NBD warranty) who replaced the old MOBO with a new one. Surprisingly the new MOBO did not contain any Thermal paste and I wasn't very happy with that as the engineer was neft with no choice but to use the existing paste already on the components. Anyway, I then let the computer run non-stop for 3 days and it has not crashed since. Today is the 4th day and it is still fine. As for the Thermal paste I will be raising a call again for it to be fixed properly. Additionally, I have the problem of one the the fines, 3rd one from front, being a bit stiff; and I shall be reporting that as well to Dell Alienware support. Hopefully they will sort out the matters soon. The Alienware Support was quite helpful but in my case they lacked the relevant information relating to the replacement parts as I was called back to be told that the MOBO is not available for another 2-3 days at least but I got a call from UK lady the next day to inform me that an engineer would be coming to visit me with the replacement MOBO!

    I would suggest you to get your MOBO replaced to avoid any prolonged frustration.

    Hope that hepls.



    PC Model - Aurora ALX
    Bios version - A09 (04-27-10)
    Command Center version - Not installed
    Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz
    Ram - 6GB (Corsair Dominator - 240-pin - Triple Channel - DDR3 - 1600 MHz / PC3-12800 - CL9 - 9-9-9-24)
    Video Card - ATI Radeon HD 5970 2Gb
    Video Card Driver version - ATI Catalyst 10.8
    Sound Card - Creative X-Fi Titanium
    Hard Disk Drive - Samsung HD103SJ - 2TB - RAID0
    Optical Drive - PLDS DVD+-RW DH-24AAS
    Monitor - Dell 1703
    Keyboard - Alienware TactX
    Mouse - Alienware TactX
    Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

  • 875 PSU is not enought to run crossfire or sli dual video cards. You need to upgrade to 1200Watts PSU.


    I had this issue before with my PSU but Alienware replaced the PSU to 1200W before they shipped it to me.


    You will need to contact your rep and tell them to rectify this for you.


    To find out for sure if the Power Supply Unit cant run crossfire or SLI:


    1. Removed one of the cards and make sure the remaining video card is connected to your monitor

    2. Try the other card to make sure it works as well.

    3. You cant use SLI or crossfire with HDMI you will have to run in single card mode to use HDMI connection to your monitor.

  • Thanks for all the replies

    And thanks a million for coming up with the solution! Big Smile

    *High5@April and Tyrone*

    Couldn't reach a support with any useful help though, so was advised to return it and get my money back.
    Lost a day from work and a little money, but learned a few things too Smile


  • Dell support is excellent at least you are getting refund.


    I am certain your PSU can't handle 2 video cards. You will have to remove one of the cards in order to make it work. And HDMI does not work if you got SLI or Crossfire enabled.

  • I forgot to mention the other problem is the 6G ram they might not be seated properl or one of your dims are not working. This could also cause the symtom you are suffering from.

  • April and Tyrone

    Dell support is excellent at least you are getting refund.


    I am certain your PSU can't handle 2 video cards. You will have to remove one of the cards in order to make it work. And HDMI does not work if you got SLI or Crossfire enabled.


    Yeah refund sounds good to me, could always try my luck again later some time Smile

    Hasn't been able to get any support yet though, except for the forms you can use at the support pages.

    So returning it is a lawyers advise. Will have to pay for the transport costs obviously, but shouldn't be a problem.

  • try using 1 ram stick at a time to see if the rams are the problem.

  • Don't you just love Alienware's. Stick out tongue

    I'm glad I returned mine and built my own. Cool

    System specs:

    MB: GA-X99-SOC Champion
     CPU: 5960x @ 4.4GHz
     RAM: 16GB G.Skill @ 3400MHz
    GPU's: 4x Titan X
    PSU: 1600w T2
    SSD: 480GB Intel 730.
    Monitor: PG278Q
    OS: Windows7 SP1/Windows 10 build 10586.318.