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Alienware M17X Keyboard problem!

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Alienware M17X Keyboard problem!

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Bought my m17x in october. Keys  67yuhjnm do not work on laptop.  Tech came yesterday and replaced keyboard.  Worked for a bit until he left now they wont work again.  Tried restoring and wiping system to no avail.

Anyone else having or had a simular problem. Or know how to cure this problem...



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  • Same keys again?

  • ya it's the same keys again? Any ideas?

  • It's not the keyboard then. Sounds like virus activity to me.

    When you say you tried restoring and wiping the system what exactly do you mean by that ... you did a complete reinstall of Windows?

  • I did the Alien Respawn recovery.  Which whipped all my stuff off. Back to Factory settings.  Is the something else I should try?



  • I hope you didn't use the Command Center that came on the resource DVD.

    That aside, have you run a full virus scan yet?

  • No i haven't mabe 5 months ago when this started.  I'll try one now.  I dont know if it was the command centre that came on resource dvd.  It is just an option on here called "alien Respawn".  Took it back to original state when i bought it.  Ill post back after virus scan.


  • If you had used the CC from the resource DVD your keyboard lights would no longer be working. As you have not complained of that it would appear that the respawn was probably successful and I'm guessing you have an R3.

  • Lights seem to work fine...  Just did a complete scan with mcafee.  Everything is normal with no virus or threats.  I wonder what could be the issue here. Mabe a bad keyboard reciever? I dont know a heck of a lot about computers...  

  • It is still under warranty.  Its just a shame because I'm trying to sell it as I dont use it enough.

  • anyone have any other ideas?

  • Do you own or have access to an external keyboard? If so, you can test to see if the same thing happens with that. It's one way of eliminating the keyboard from the issue.

    Personally, I have an M17x R2 and although the keyboard works it misses many characters when typing simply because you have to hit the keys hard. Apart from the light show the keyboard leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Ya I'm typing on a external keyboard as we speak.  I just got off phone with Dell and I am sending it in.  As a first time buyer of alienware.  I dont think Ill buy one again.  My fiance has a cheap dell and it work flawlessly.  So Dells not out of the picture.  Their Tech support has been good as well.

    Thanks for your time. And posts.


  • Have you had your Alienware fixed? I mean definitively...

    I have a Alienware M17x R4 that I recently bought. The keyboard is broken. I have tested on windowws and linux, so it is not a softwwware problem. The problem is wwhen I hit just one time the keys q, w, 1 and 0 (from numpad) many keystrokes are generated. It's very annoying... :(

    I'm afraid that a keyboard replacement may not fix the problem, I don't know. what do you think? Thanks.

  •  Im having the same problem with my m17 which is about 2months old the CTRL + i + 8 + a keys keep stopping working, the CTRL key doesnt even work at all. I dont wanna have to send it off for weeks if theres an easy way of fixing it? 

    Thanks, J

  • So i've had my laptop for the about 3 months now and the exact same keys have stopped working.

    Does anyone have a fix for this? or is it back to dell for me?