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Alienware X51 Wireless Issues

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Alienware X51 Wireless Issues

  • Awaiting the data from the other thread.

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  • I have my x51 about 4 meters away from my wireless modem and I only get 3 bars instead of full 5 bar strenght. There are no doors blocking the signal whatsoever so I think the wireless signal is too low.

  • I have similarly 3 bars (max) signal and occasionally drops to nothing. I have a laptop in the same room and tested the same location. I get consistent 4 bars and never had drops. Hope we get some fixes soon. Going to call tech support soon.
  • Hi,

    The bars are not the issue in my case but the down-link. Here the results from my office (the home result in a few hours).

    The access point (Airport Extreme, 802.11n, 2,4GHz, WPA2-PSK) is in the range of 1 Meter under the table:

    - down-link is 10 mbps
    - up-link is 30 mbps

    there's is obviously something wrong.....

  • Yes, I have the problems with my wireless network, with my new X51...

    I dont' know why but I have many disconnects...

    Whereas with my old Dell Inspiron, at the same place, it works fine!

  • Hi

    me again. At home its much better. I have the same hardware in the office, I think the Airport Extreme in the office is even newer. OK, at home I have a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz Dualband Network. The access point is connected to an 100MBit Link - the speed should not be an issue here.

    with the X51 I can only connect the 2.4 GHz Network, 5 GHz doesn't work (missing antenna or missing feature of the Dell 1502 card????). The X51 is about 25 feet away (no obstacles):

    - down-link is 25 mbps

    - up-link is 5 mbps

    The Alienware m18x (with a killer wifi card) is connected to the 5 GHz network and almost 35 feet away (no obstacles as well):

    - down-link is 95 mbps

    - up-link is 7 mbps

    That's the way it should be. I seems I have to buy a better (external) wifi card

  • My computer cannot even connect to my network properly. It disconnects every 30 seconds, and fluctuates between 12 and 1024 KBps. It's extremely frustrating.

  • I bought now a Cisco AE1000 Wifi USB stick, down-link is now almost 100 mbps.

  • Hi Knruff,

    I checked the DW1502 specs on Dell website and confirms the the card only operates on 2.4 GHz. Using Passmarks wireless network monitor I can see that my x51 has a signal strength of -80-ish dbm. That's pretty bad and I know location plays a part. However, Testing on my notebook beside the x51 I am getting about high -60 to -70 dbm. It has not disconnected so far. I spoke to a ISP tech yesterday and according to him -60-ish dbm is alright but anything above 70 is going to cause weak transfer rates and disconnects.

    My conclusion is that DW1502 has inherently weaker receptors while at the same time my placement aren't that great. Do we have any option of upgrading the DW1502 card? I'm not sure if it is the card or the way it is housed in the x51 base station though. Thus a usb wireless adaptor or even getting a range repeater/access point might give a better chance of improving signal.

    Just my opinion after googling. So please take it with a pinch of salt.



  • Just bought a linksys AE1200 usb wireless adaptor + usb extension cable. Now I am getting constant 4 bars of signal strength about -60 dbm.

    I notice the network card slot seems to be right at the top and you could probably fix on a antennae to boost signal.

  • Still investigating this. Keep the comments coming.

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  • I am seeing similar results and problems consistent with your ISP tech feedback. My X51 sits one floor directly above my router but is only getting -70 to -80 db signal strength. If I place my 3 year old Dell XPS directly next to the X51 I get -45db strength!  An example of the impact is that I can not hold a connection well enough to play MW3 multi-player.  I did not have this issue with the XPS laptop (but the GPU and CPU are not adequate for gaming). I am very frustrated by this situation. This is a supposed to be a gaming-optimized system and the wireless won't work for gaming!

    My system has the Dell wireless 1502, driver revision:

  • Hi Dell-Chris M,

    Thanks for your response.

    I only found keyboard, mouse, power brick, alienware resource dvds and the base station when I opened the box.

    There isn't any antenna that came in the box. I just contacted Dell customer service the other day about a missing "Alienware Placemat" which was stated in the invoice.

  • Sean_Sapien

    There isn't any antenna that came in the box.

    They are likely just wire(s) run around the edges of the case (like on a laptop). They might even connect to the WiFi card on it's internal antenna jack (again, like a laptop). Problem is ... WiFi can't go through metal and that is probably what the range is bad. That makes the signal weak ... which in turn finally bumps the speed down.

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  • All,

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