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M17xR2 fails to resume after Sleep command

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M17xR2 fails to resume after Sleep command

  • Description of problem:

    The computer successfully enters "sleep" mode by either selecting "sleep" through the Start Menu or by closing the lid.

    The computer appears to be "sleeping" correctly and the power light is pulsing.

    When I try to wake the computer (by opening the lid), the power light lights correctly and the keyboard and media/tool buttons light up but the computer does not turn on!

    That is, Windows does not resume! The computer is unresponsive to all keyboard presses or singular presses of the power button or clicks of the USB mouse.

    This happens regardless of whether the power cable is connected or not.


    Description of any troubleshooting steps:

    I  hold the power button for 5-10 seconds until the computer switches off. However, Windows 7 64bit  then offers the "improper shudown" menu, suggesting to start in one of the 3 versions of safe mode or to start normally.  Selecting the latter, Windows proceeds to load normally.


    Additional (related?) issue:

    I generally don't have any problems with a normal shutdown, restart, or hibernate, with one major exception:  If I unplug the power cord after the computer has shutdown normally and is off, then I get a the same result as resuming from sleep (The power light lights correctly and the keyboard and media/tool buttons light up but the computer does not turn on!).  In this circumstance, however, when I hold down the power button to hard restart, I don't get the improper shutdown message upon reboot, and the laptop then reboots normally.

    Sounds like we might be having some serious ACPI issues here.

    Anyone have similar issues with their M17xR2?  Will there be a BIOS upgrade solution?

    My system configuration (per DELL) follows:

    Quantity Parts # Part Description
    1 M960G Card, Wireless, Bluetooth, 370 Latin, 5DB, No Bios
    1 8WK6F Keyboard, Alienware, 101, ENG-US, Personal Computer
    1 F836R Pad, Mouse, Alienware, M17X
    1 W075J Battery, Primary, 85WHR, 9C Lithium, Dynapack InternationalTechnology Corp
    1 J938H Adapter, Alternating Current External, 240W, Flexible, 3P World Wide
    1 4YY77 Hard Drive, 500, P11, 7.2K, 2.5, WD MX-250M
    1 FT19C Blu-Ray Rewritable, 4X, Serial Ata, 12.7, Panasonic
    1 RV546 Card, Graphics, Hard Drive, 5870, Parker, Mobile Pci Express Module, Cable
    2 X830D Dual In-Line Memory Module, 4GB1333MHZ, 512X64, 8K, 200
    1 G335R Processor, I7-820QM, 1.73, 8MB, Clarksfield, B1
    1 5120P Cord, Power, 125V, 6Feet, SJT..., Unshielded
    1 C8245 Card, Graphics, Hard Drive, 5870, Parker, Mid-Life Kicker
    1 DW6RN Kit, Software, W7HP64, Multi-Language, Alienware
    1 4W00N Card, Wireless, PUMAPEAK33
  • Took my laptop with me to the local coffee joint today without the power adapter.  Machine would not boot. I had to unseat/reseat the battery to get the laptop to boot  Same thing happened when I returned home, both with and without the power adapter attached.  What's going on here?

  • Mine has been doing this as well along with freezing and not letting me even start up my computer in normal mode.   I just reinstalled the drivers doesn't seem to have helped th sleep issue but my computer hasen't frozen yet.  Only thing i can tell you is to turn off the automatic sleep when lid is closed in power options.

  • i am having the exact same problem.nothing i have tried so far has been able to fix it

  • Did you two install bios X33 and X34 found here? 35 is the same as 34 just with tools for us.

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  • I have had the same issue show up.  Hangs after a resume from suspend, no x33 or x34 BIOS using Dell VBIOS A01 dated 9/10/10
    Alienware M17x-R2 Black | BIOS A09 | 920XM @2.0ghz | 2 x 5870 CrossFireX |8GB @1333 | 1 x 256 GB 7200 |SAMSUNG PM800 256GB SSD| Win7 Ultimate x64

  • I am having the same problem.  I have been able to install bios 33 but no solution.  I've tried to install bios 34 but the instructions provided don't work as my pc won't boot off of a usb.  The problem is actually getting worse now since i'm seeing that every other restart the machine will just hang there.  and by the way, the keyboard lights remain on during all these problems we're discussing.

  • I have a similar problem. I initially had problems shutting down my laptop (M17x R2) where it would not shut down and I would have to hold down the power button for 5sec to shut it down. To solve other problems I installed the ATI video drivers and then this shut down problem never came back. However I then had some video card issues with CoD MW2 and had to reinstall the Dell video drivers. It solved my CoD MW2 video card issues but I have the shut down problem again. So it might be a video drivers. Also my shut down problem does not matter if I have the power cord plugged in.

    Anyone have some ideas?

  • I solved this problem by flashing the bios of the video cards with the latest bios updates and by updating the bios to A09. I have since updated to A10 and can confirm the shut down problem has not returned.

  • I have the same problem with an M17x R2. I had been making some changes to my "power plan" using windows rather than through the alienware command center and it wasn;t too long after that that I had the problem. I am not sure if or how it's related but I have not been able to resolve the problem. As it is now when I do a normal shutdown and then try to turn on my computer later on (often the power cord had been removed but sometimes not) then the lights come on but a boot menu or even the bios splash screen never comes on. I can hear the fans run up and it seems like it's about to boot but it just hangs there and never does. If I hold down the power button it just mimics sleeping with the pulsating light around the power button. The only remedy I found is that I have to remove the battery and unplug it and then replug everything back in and it will boot normally. I suppose I could try a bios flash again but I was already on the latest version before this happened. I'll pos a better solution if I find one.

  • @ Rockroland, sounds as if your graphics card is overheating and shutting down.Do you have GPU-Z installed to monitor your temps? I had to shim 

    my gpu's to bring temps down.I do have the "no wake" issue that my screen wont wake from sleep.I can hear connect/disconnect  of usb device so i know its not graphics system shutdown.I believe this to be an issue with the Face recognition software but not sure.

  • holy batman  thread resurrection....

    that being said the ATI 5870's were bad for resuming ..  this required a Video bios update and  system bios update to fix.. if this is already been done, and isn't exactly  easiest , even ihated doing it on my M17x R2 .. but again never shut it off either ...


    to above post:  I doubt its overheating as their is known issues with is sleeping, technically it generates almost no power or consumtion to generate heat

    and the face software dosent  even initialize until u wake it up....  

  • Well, these beasts are still in use and inquiring minds want to know!lolConfused

    Thanx for the reply.I havent flashed the video bios yet to see if that is the issue with my "no screen wakey" but sounds like

    its plausible. These were 2 new 5870's and had an issue with overheating with the primary at first.Found the cooler didnt sit flush on the gpu die

    until i placed a .75mm copper shim there.Temps are low and all is good running 800-1000 Yes

  • Hi, everyone.

    I've lived with the above-mentioned problems for three years.  Finally had the mobo replaced and, VOILA! all of the issues are solved.  I'm using the same 5870s my old board came with, so that definitely wasn't the issue.

  • Holy superman....OP LIVES!   thread is 3 years old..  LOL

    anyway this was a  known issue regardless  and has been fixed by dell even if it took 3 years for you .. guess better late then never? LOL


    goodluck in your future endeavors....  and hopefully dosent take 3 years to get repaired :O