Hopefully that title is descriptive enough.

I'm  hoping someone can help me. I obtained my laptop on Friday and when I got it there was a small nvidia icon on the right side of the taskbar that would allow me to switch between discrete and integrated graphics modes. It was also there on Saturday when I installed windows messenger, office, and a couple of games.

As of allowing Vista(64) and mcaffe updates yesterday however, that icon has gone, and I can't work out how to get it back or how to switch between them any more. It may have had nothing to do with those updates of course, they were just what I allowed a couple of hours before I noticed the change.

The F7 function key also doesn't seem to do anything anymore (whereas before switching graphics modes would make the screen 'flash' once while it adjusted, or if I had mcaffee open at the time it would demand I close it first, it now does nothing).

In the meanwhile, going by my device manager which only has the Gforce 9400M G listed, I'm assuming I'm stuck in integrated mode. This doesn't change if I restart, and doesn't change if I set my power mode to high performance (which was my other hope), so I'm sorta stuck atm.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my graphics functionality back? :|