Dell published a customer technology adoption profile by Forrester Consulting that was commissioned by Dell. In this Technology Adoption Profile Forrester explored the current state of replication in SMB IT departments and in particular the use of SAN-based replication.

Forrester surveyed 50 hardware decisions-makers about the storage replication technologies deployed within their  organizations, their data replication requirements, and the features that they would find most attractive in a SAN-based replication solution.

Some of the key findings were –

  • There was a strong demand for both synchronous and asynchronous SAN based replication.
  • There was a need to replicate data within the SMB’s own data center facilities, either to a co-located secondary array or to one within 5 km [approximately 3 miles] (a campus or metro-style deployment).
  • SMB customers need replication solutions that are non-disruptive, easy to use, and inexpensive.

This study tells us that SMBs want a replication solution to offer two options: local synchronous replication as well as remote asynchronous replication. Dell EqualLogic storage platforms include a comprehensive set of data protection  capabilities that help administrators meet operational and disaster recovery requirements at both local and remote sites. We provide robust, flexible remote data protection capabilities, such as synchronous (campus-wide) and point-in-time replication (extended distance), help organizations rapidly recover and maintain business continuity in the event of a disaster.