Report Title: Users with An Exchange Mailbox – SID matches msExchMasterAccountSID
Report Description: Shows Active Directory Users that have an Exchange mailbox as set by the Active Directory Connector.
Customized to report on users where SID matches msExchMasterAccountSID
Report Category: Active Directory

 Enterprise Reporter Version:  2.5

Customization Details:  Users with An Exchange Mailbox report has been customized to report on users with mailboxes where source SID matches msExchMasterAccountSID

 How did we do this? 

  1. Copy the “Users with An Exchange Mailbox" report into the “My Reports” container. The report can be found in Report Library | Active Directory
  2. Click on “Edit report"
  3. Change the Report Name and Report Description
  4. Click on the "Fields" tab
  5. From the list of Available Fields, select "SID (Account)", "SAM Account Name (Account)" and click Add
  6. Click on the “Parameters” tab
  7. Add the following parameters:
    Parameter Type: Hidden
    Parameter: SID (Account)
    Operator: Matches
    Default Value: Match with field “Exchange: Master Account SID (Domain User)”
  8. Click on the "Layout tab" and edit the layout to display SID, Master Account SID and SAM Account Name.