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  • Forum Thread: Which laptop should I go for?

    Hello, I'm a software developer and mainly I work with following software: 1. .NET 2012 and 2010 2. SQL SERVER 2008 3. Other supporting softwares I need to know which dell laptop should I go for. I heard that Latitute series are good, but need suggestion. Meanwhile I can across "New Inspiron...
  • Forum Thread: I am about to loose my mind....what do I need?? I know what I want to do..but..

    Hello.. I hope that everyone has a great New Year 's Eve and a wonderful 2014......and now for my problem: I need to get a: tablet?? a laptop?? a smart phone?? and which one do I need?? I am so confused you have no idea..I have spoken to Apple and just about everyone else.. and I am still unsure...
  • Forum Thread: Dell optiplex gx-280 upgrade

    I have a dell optiplex gx-280 and I want to change my processor, at moment I have a processor with 2,800 Ghz . Cann somebody tell me what kind of processor is identic for my PC , I need somethin like 3,200 ghz , 3400 ghz or intel core or intel quad ? here my description of PC Processors...