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Vostro 470 and Windows 2000?

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Vostro 470 and Windows 2000?

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I know this going to sound silly. I recently acquired a Dell Vostro 470 running Windows 7, and all is working well. I also have an old Dell Dimension 8100 running Windows 2000.

I was hoping to migrate all my programs and data from the Dimension to the Vostro. This seemed to work fine for Office 97 except for 1 part of it, Access 97. For some reason I keep getting an error message 'cannot find system.mdw file' and Access refuses to start. The file concerned resides in the System32 folder on my Vostro, but Windows 7 cannot pick it up. However no such problem exists on my Dimension. That means that I have to switch back to my Dimension if I need to use Access which is a pain.

I toyed with the idea of installing Win 2000 on the Vostro although I realised that this OS doesn't have the drivers for running SATA let alone coping with a dual or quad core processor. I tried installing on the Vostro from my MS installation disk but I didn't get far. So I'm assuming that I won't be able to install Win 2000 as a dual OS on the Vostro so that I can run Access. Or alternatively is there any way round the 'missing' system.mdw file and the problem rectified within Windows 7?

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  • There are some things you could try, but geez ... you need to upgrade EVERYTHING. Run Windows 7 on the Vostro and upgrade to Office 2016/365. Throw the 8100 and its 2000/97 in the trash (by 'trash', of course I mean 'recycle' or donate, although nobody will benefit from 2000/97, so throw that away and put some older Linux distro on it or leave it with no OS).

    If you insist on running what you have, do a P2V conversion and run it as a VM. Or for heaven's sake, just leave all the obsolete tech in one place (2000 and 97 on the 8100).

    Or, if you insist on this madness, let me know and I'll give you some ideas.

  • Upgrading MS Office costs money..I think you're being a little harsh on MS legacy Office systems. They (Access, Word, Excel) were more than adequate even 20 years ago). I've solved my problem now by running my old MS Office on a Virtual PC. Not sure what a P2V is but guessing it means the same. I can now put my Dimension to bed.I'll keep it just in case the Vostro ever goes AWOL on me.