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Help in purchasing

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I received a promotion by email on Monday May 6, 2013. I went to purchase one of the monitors P2412 24" Widescreen on promotion on the morning of Tuesday May 7, 2013and they no longer offer the promotional price. The expiry on the offer was May 17, 2013.

I spoke with 5 representatives and they said they could not help me and tried to get me off the phone as soon as possible.

Long time business and personal user of Dell products. Not impressed with the service. Is any one else having the same problem?

Thank you.


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  • Surprised to hear that assuming you were trying to make purchase from Dell online; they have been great for me.
    I wonder if it's too late to direct a letter of "complaint" somewhere, and ask them to make good on that offer?

    Good luck.


  • Yes, I have never had a problem before. Yesterday I tried to go throught the chat feature for customer service. He agreed that there was a problem but could not authorize the promotion price. He said his manager would call in a few hours. It is now almost a day and a half. I have spokened to more than 7 people and they all do the same thing, either forward me to someone else or say that they will have someone call me back.

    Unless I get this resolved tomorrow I will be looking for another vendor for the business purchases. I know Dell is up for sale but the customer service has been extremely poor.