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Will Dell be restoring touchscreen options to the Latitude and Precision lines?

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Will Dell be restoring touchscreen options to the Latitude and Precision lines?

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I was recently asked to price out a few new laptops for our office, and touchscreens were on the list of features that I was required to have (we're gearing up for  our transition to Win8, so touch enabled screens are now mandatory for new purchases). As our offices are already home to hundreds of Dells, and as I've used touch enabled Latitude 6520's and Precision M6600's in the past, I went straight to those two lines and was pretty shocked to see that touch screens were no longer available for either of those on the current models. A quick call to Dell verified that they weren't available, but the guy on the phone couldn't tell me if this was a permanent change. He could only point me to the consumer-grade Inspiron line, which isn't durable enough for the kind of daily business use we subject our laptops to, also aren't available with the hardware security features we're required to use, and are apparently incompatible with our Dell e-port docks.

Will the touchscreen options be restored any time soon, or has Dell decided to permanently remove the touch options with these two lines?



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  • Hi Calcomed,

    Thanks for posting your questions.  Let me see if I can find an expert to answer.



  • I've been wondering the same thing. I want E-port replication but I will not buy a Win8 laptop without a touchscreen. 

    The OEMs wonder why no one is buying PCs - it isn't windows 8, it is that they are not selling good hardware for windows 8!

  • Indeed, but we don't even need to currently run Windows 8 to run into this problem. We are looking at launching our Win8 deployment in 18-24 months. Because we buy on a 36 month replacement cycle, any hardware we purchase today will be updated to Win8 prior to its replacement. It's probable that any laptops we purchase will run Win7 right now simply because that's what we're supporting, but even those will need to be futureproofed against their inevitable Win8 upgrades.

    I'm really puzzled by the whole situation. Both the Precision and Latitude mobile lines had touchscreens available as recently as last year. It's odd that Dell would remove the availability of a hardware feature that is core to the functionality of the next generation of Windows. There has been a lot of press about touchscreen shortages, so my original hope was that it was simply a temporary availability issue, but the lack of an answer on this thread is consistent with the non-answers I've received from our sales rep and the general information support person I spoke with on the phone. Nobody seems to have an answer, or know when (or if) touchscreens will be restored to the business product lines.

    Sadly, I'm facing some fixed purchase dates, so the entire discussion will be moot for me very quickly.

  • Calcomed,

    I apologize for not following up sooner, however I am unable to find any information about this issue that can be made publicly.  I've asked our chief blogger Lionel Menchaca to provide a statement or blog regarding this issue.  I'm not sure when this will happen, so when I'm advised, I'll be happy to post back.


  • The 10 Finger Multi-Touch screen is available now with Mobile Precision M6700

    17.3" UltraSharp™ FHD (1920x1080) Wide View LED, 10 Finger Multi-Touch, Premium Panel Guarantee [add $350.20]

    I have a question:

    Any idea if this option will be available with IPS RGB screen? (Most of my work is photo and video editing)

    Thanks :)