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Vostro vs XPS, Radeon vs Nvidia, RAM

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Vostro vs XPS, Radeon vs Nvidia, RAM

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Looking at Vostro 470 and XPS 8500 for work computer.  Pretty light computer work, with the exception of a GIS program, although that will only be used once in while (NOT daily).  Mainly trying to get a good build for future, as this comuter will have to last 5 years.

The Vostro I'm looking at has a AMD Radeon HD 7575 1GB GDDR5 video card, and the XPS has a Nvidia GT 620 1GB DDR3.  Anyone know what the difference (performance-wise) is between those two cards?  I don't know what the "G" stands for in the GDDR5, and, it is GDDR"5" vs DDR"3", does that make an appreciable difference?

Interestingly, configuring them exactly alike, the XPS is $135 more than the Vostro.  The only possible difference would the psu for the XPS, as it doesn't list it, the Vostro does list it in the print summary, which is 350W.  Other than that, they are exactly the same configuation!

Last question, I configured both with 8 GB RAM, two DIMMS, planning on buying 2 more 8GB sticks (4GBx2) later (at another retailer) at a cost of $40.  I know that its best to buy in matched modules, but I'm assuming that doing it this way DOES result in matched pairs? (one matched pair in original system, other matched pair from "another retailer").   This would not hurt performance, right?

thanks, Steve

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  • After browsing the forums some more, I decided this needs to be posted to Desktop/Video.  I couldn't see a way to move the post to that forum, maybe only moderators can move posts?  So, I posted the video card question as a new post in the Desktop/Video forum.  I didn't want to cross-post, but like I said, I couldn't see a way to move the post.