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Unable to order server from dell outlet

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Unable to order server from dell outlet

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I'm trying to buy some refubrished server from dell outlet website. I have placed my order 5 times since 30 aug, and never receivied any updates on this orders besides 5 e-mails about "Dell Order Has Been Acknowledged". This orders never displayed in order history and phone support can't locate them either.

Dell Purchase ID: 2004027842053 (30 aug)
Dell Purchase ID: 2004031226558 (3 sep)
Dell Purchase ID: 2004033980772 (5 sep)
Dell Purchase ID: 2004037423399 (8 sep)
Dell Purchase ID: 2004045634672 (17 sep)

I have sent a message to "Email Customer Service" via dell website second time (reference number is - 5W5S487Q1YW9K91N1F), but I beleive it wouldn't be answered, since I'm not receivied any answer or even a confirmation that mesage is receivied when I sent first one few weeks ago.

BTW, a year ago I have ordered one refubrished server without any problems. What am I doing wrong now and how I can order a server after all?

Thank you.

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  • Finally I have receivied reply from "Email Customer Service", they advised me to contact Verification Team at 1866-383-4713 or by email. I have called Verification Team previously and called once more today. An operator just can't locate any recent orders under my account and then can't provide me any help and just transferring me back to order support.
    The email address mentioned by "Email Customer Service" doesn't seem to work - i'm receiveing bounce message with "550 #5.1.0 Address rejected." error...