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Vostro 470 Power Supply

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Vostro 470 Power Supply

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Apparently their are two power supplies being sold with the Vostro 470 desktop, the 460 watt psu and 350 psu.

How can I ensure that I get the 460 watt psu with my order since I do not see an option to select a power supply?

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  • Online it looks like the 460w PSU is the default.  You can check the section at the bottom of the first page "Also included in this system".

    Vostro 460 – Intel Core i7 2600 @ 3.4Ghz - 16GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz – Kingston 480GB SATA 3 SSD – Western Digital 1TB SATA 3 HDD – ASUS GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB DDR5 – 16X DVD-RW – 16X DVD-ROM - Antec 550W PSU - Windows 10 Pro x64 - Dell E2211H 22" Flat Panel Monitor

  • I believe they choose the PSU based on your configuration.  I ordered one recently and wanted to know why I got the 350W PSU.  It turns out the spec indicated only the 460W power cord!

    However, I measured the power of this machine and its amazing!  Only 50W at idle and 100W with three cores working 100%.  This is with both internal and ATI graphics card active.  So I can't imagine I'm going to have a problem with power with the 350W supply.

    To put this in perspective, the power is about 1/2 of my Core 2 Quad system that is much slower (2.5x!).  So the performance per watt has improved almost 5x.


  • Someone might want to take down this post. I bought the Vostro 470 thinking it had the 460w but see now that I got the 350. This did not show up on the initial summary. Instead it's hidden in with the card reader line item. Ridiculous.

    Why can't I choose the power supply I wanted as part of the checkout? I would have opted for at least a 400watt. Site is an awful buying mechanism, can't see inside the machine or know specifically what I'm buying. Terrible ecommerce experience.

  • I went ahead and purchased the XPS 8500 instead in order to get the 460 watt power supply.  It is unfortunate that the higher power supply cannot be chosen as an option and the fact that it is not clear which power supply you will receive with the Vostro 470

  • Just received two 470s. They came with the smaller w PS. Cust Support said it ships with whichever they have in stock.

    Also it only comes with a single set of drive rails. So you cannot add a second drive without them even though the chassie can handle two.

    Working with Tech Support/Sales/Parts etc to see if they can resolve this.

  • While we are on the subject. What are the specs on the Vostro 470  (aka case, mobo, and ps form factor) so I can buy a new 400+ watt PS.

    Getting detailed technical specs on this this is impossible. 

  • I also thought the machine came with a choice of power supplies, i.e 350W or 460W. However, when I called Dell, the answer I received was not the one I expected, having reviewed these forums before my call.

    It seems the power supply used in the Vostro 470 is switchable, depending on the voltage available at the wall outlet. Where power is 115v, the PSU max output is 350W. Where power is 220-240V, the max output is 460W. I'm assuming, based on this, that the PSU is a worldwide part.

    My current problem is finding a PSU that will fit in the 470 case and comes with the right connectors to the motherboard. Found several instances of on the net for upgrading the PSU in Vostro 400s and 420s, but have not been successful in finding any references for 460s or 470s.

    Can anyone provide some guidance?