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Had Dell computers for the last 19 years but no more

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Had Dell computers for the last 19 years but no more

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I have had Dell computers for the last 19 years. I have personally gone though 6 desktops and 3 laptops in that time.  I have also bought over 200 workstations and servers for companies i have worked for.  I have recommended it to friends and family. No more. My last 3 experiences with dell has wiped out all the good will they had. 

The most resent was a laptop that i got from best buy for a trip i was taking.  My laptop was getting old so i ran to best buy a couple of days before the trip and went straight for the Dells.  The laptop worked fine until the way home i had put it in my bag and put the bag in the over head bin.  When i pulled it out half way though the trip the screen was broken.  Upon further inspection i see what went wrong.  The back of the monitor was not properly reinforced.  there was only a flimsy plastic covering on it. A couple of weeks later i started a new job and the company  told me to buy myself a new laptop.  I looked more closely at the laptops that were out there and noticed that most of the other manufactures had metal backings on there laptop displays.  I decided to go with an HP which i like and have bought 2 more for the company.  I have also bought 3 new servers and 30 new workstations so far and none have been dell.

When i got home from my trip i tossed the laptop in the back of my closet because i knew it would be expensive to replace but i had no idea that when i called dell today that they would try and charge me close to $400 to replace the screen on a $700 laptop.  I have never broken a laptop screen in 25 years and  i don't expect to break another for the next 25 now that i no longer shop with dell.

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  • Whatever you do don't put McAfee on your new computer if you want to continue enjoying it. What an awful product.

    I never put my computer in the overhead bin when traveling, either. It is always in the bag that goes under the seat in front of mine during a trip. I can more closely monitor its location and keep it safer that way. People are rough with their bags in the overhead bin, so if you are a frequent traveler I can see where a metal cover would come in handy. The shell I currently have has taken plenty of abuse and is still holding up well. I think I purchased an advanced shell though, not one that comes off the factory floor. Did you have a warranty on the new computer? The screen should have been covered by the warranty if you purchased one.

  • Also; always buy Dell's completecare warranty when buying a laptop. This warranty (upgrade) covers accidental damage like a broken screen. I haven't had to use it on my previous laptop (Dell Inspiron E1705) or my current laptop (Dell Precision Workstation M6600), but it offers so much piece of mind.

    On a desktop computer I'm not worried about complete care, but when either kids or transport is involved, completecare is the only way to go.

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