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Don't buy DELL!!!!!

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Don't buy DELL!!!!!

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My client is a long time Dell fan. She has had 5 Dell's prior to the current Vostro 3700 which is a disaster!!!

The system is in warranty and has had the hard drive and the keyboard replaced previously.

The system again refuses to boot, will not do a system restore, nor will it boot from the restore partition or Windows 7 DVD

Dell refuses to support the issue claiming it to be a software issue.

Obviously this is not the case as when you are doing a restore from the DVD there is no software yet on the system

Dell only wants to talk about $39.00 to get help.

The client is going to sue them for the cost of the system in small claims court, and we will go look at a nice new Lenovo

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  • I wish her well with her issue.

    Also, I wish you well with your issue.

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  • Sorry for your problem with Dell.......  I will be getting 620s PC soon, really pray that the computer will be okay and that it will cater to w I wanted.

    Pray hard for me as I for your friend

  • ST1966, I hope you don't have a nervous breakdown before you get your new PC.  Your posts suggest there is a lot of aprehension about buying the PC.  Anyone with that much anxiety should stop and reconsider any new PC purchase.

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  • Sorry to hear about your client's experience. If you'd like to direct her to my team on Twitter (@DellCares), we can take a look at her case history and offer some assistance. If she doesn't have a Twitter account, you can also direct her to our Facebook Support Form A Facebook account is not required to use this form. She will be asked to provide her name, service tag, email address and a brief description of the issue.



  • fireberd

    ST1966, I hope you don't have a nervous breakdown before you get your new PC.  Your posts suggest there is a lot of aprehension about buying the PC.  Anyone with that much anxiety should stop and reconsider any new PC purchase.

    I don't meant to be offensive.  I will certainly be more careful next time.  Definitely wil not get a nervous breakdown.....just a PC.  It is not life or death....

    THank you for remaining me.

    P/S :- just received information that the funds for my new PC has passed.  So, I should get it within 1 week.

  • Hi:

    I have used Dell Precision workstations for the last 7+ years, both at work and at home. On my home machine, I have Dell's Pro-Support (previously called Gold Support). I have found the Pro-Support techs to be extremely professional, sincere in trying to help solve an issue, friendly and patient. They all have exhibited a keen desire to successfully resolve any issue, no matter how long it takes. They have never shown impatience, and I never got the feeling that these guys are there just to do a job 8 to 5 and get paid, like some other organization techs do.

    The only time I had an issue with Dell was when renewing warranty support via a certain sales person who perhaps got a commission on his sale of extending warranty support. I thought he was less than honest. I reported the issue via an email straight to Mr. Michael Dell's office, and immediately got a telephone response via an intermediary customer service assistant. She got the matter resolved to my satisfaction.

    Please note that I am not affiliated with Dell in any way.


  • Hi Sye,

    Thanks for your message. It's refreshing when someone posts a positive review.


  • Hey there,

    I sure hope your clients issue gets resolved without further grief. I've been down a similar road with LENOVO, in fact, pretty much identical issue.

    I got a new Lenovo and within the week picked up the phone and  made several calls to rectify obvious defects right out of the box. After 2 months of waiting for the "escalation manager" to call and acknowledge the situation I was fed up and called IBM, who then sent a tech out to replace the hard drive, no probs right? I asked him if he wiped the drive before he took it out because who knows what they have to do to determine the original problem. This is why I did not wipe it first. This guy took out a hard drive with all my financial and personal info still on it and I ran after him rather furiously and he refused to return it saying it was  now IBM's property. Ahmed was his name. I thought ok, I'll just keep watch, and yes sure enough there were intrusions galore as well as fraud, all sorts of problems arose from that one incident.

    After that incident which only caused more grief in another arena of problems to contend with, the comp was still being defective so again I call IBM. The same guy comes out and replaces the hard drive again, but that didn't help either. I called again to have a tech come out again. This time the entire MB was replaced along with another HDD. Still the problem persisted. One was each time I restarted the comp it was a whole new comp, more features were added each time and should have just been there from the start. It was like starting up a brand new out of the box machine.

    Yes, they too, (Lenovo) said it was a software issue, Microsoft said it was a hardware issue. Microsoft told me that they told Lenovo that this particular run of machines were built for XP but  Lenovo installed The Horror-Vista instead. The tech from MS was helpful to say the least, it was a hardware/software compatibility issue and after he set things straight I understood what had to be done. In the end I did it all myself, and although it was a bit of a nightmare I ended up with above average skills. Skills which I greatly appreciate as I never have to call for support anymore, so that's my silver lining. They say things happen for a reason although in the heat of the moment we seldom stop to think of this.

    Anyway, pardon me for the rant but obviously I know what level of frustration you've seen, and my point is that it happens with all sorts of business, manufacturers, and almost everything we all have to deal with and that's a bloody shame. Nothing is as it used to be, and unfortunately may never be again but we CANNOT ALLOW these things to continue. We must all stand up for our rights as consumers and complain to the right bureaucracies that will govern the amount of defective products we have to put up with, as well as protect our rights as consumers.

    Just my bit of horror, on one front.

    "If it doesn't kill you, see if there's a benefit in it...if there's no benefit from the attack, then retaliate as being righteous, with all prejudice"