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SSD in XPS laptops

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SSD in XPS laptops

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I plan to buy an XPS laptop (17") and would like to include an SSD, but only if the SSD has sufficiently superior performance to a HDD. I can find no info online as to which brand / model is used if I select the only option provided (dual drive with 640GB HDD with 256 GB SSD). However, Dell does offer a wide variety of SSD's onlice as separately-puchased options.

a) which model / brand of SSD does Dell use in the canned "Customization"

b) can I substitute a different brand / model from the inventory?

c) has anyone purchased the "standard" SSD option and if so, are you happy with the performance? 


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  • I can answer your last question (C). I purchased a Dell Studio XPS 1645 laptop w/128 GB SSD last February and believe me there is a BIG boost w/performance versus a 7200 RPM SATA HDD or even w/(2) HDDs using a RAID 0 configuration.

    The SSD also weighs less than an HDD, which helps make your laptop more portable.

    If possible, I recommend going w/the 256 GB SSD.

    IMO the advent of SSD technology provides a great leap forward w/desktop/laptop performance.

  • I heard the Alienware uses Samsung SSD...I think crucial SSD is considerd the best, but theres a lot of opinions out there.

    I highly doubt you can pick which SSD you want on the assembly line. Falcon northwest or a company that really gives you personal service would probably be able to do that, but Dell is a system that probably cant be changed.

    I see a lot of standard SSDs on the enthusiast forums (AW M15x, 17X) and they seem happy with it.

    Give Dell sales a call or do Dell chat and ask away. Just be sure to get what you want.

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  • FWIW, I came across a detailed customer review of the SSD drive in their Dell system here (click 'Customer Ratings'). I recall it was a Samsung SATA-2 SSD drive. Of course, that's just 1 person's experience.