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  • Forum Thread: I want to get a good Laptop for <80000INR in india

    I'm planing to buy this for gaming and desigining and so for that i want Full HD scren 1920x1080 and also i want nvidia 2 gb graphics card! I saw that XPS 15 had these but now i see that XPS 15 is not avaiable so i see Inspiron 15R turbo(Speical Edition) but it does not have both the option! so pls...
  • Forum Thread: New Graphics Card for Dell Dimension E521

    So my graphics card right now is a nVidia Geforce 8600gt 512mb. My processor is an AMD Athlon 64 x2 5000+. Is their a graphics card that I can get that would handle The Sims 3 perfectly or close to perfectly? This graphics card does an okay job but I think its broken because the display keeps going out...
  • Forum Thread: Should I buy the XPS 8500 with the i7 3770 / £649

    I am not much of a computer specialist so I need a little help choosing my new PC I have around £600-£800 to play with and I am looking for a fast processor with a high graphics card for web designing and casual gaming. Any help and feedback will be much appreciated. Cheers