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  • Forum Thread: Can't find Dell Inspiron 17R turbo.

    Hello, I want to buy Dell Inspiron 17R turbo with these specs ( ) I have called up many Dell Exclusive Stores in Delhi, India but none of them have the Inspiron...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Which Desktop To Buy

    What do you think of the 2320 All-in-One computer?
  • Forum Thread: "Dude you're NOT getting a Dell"

    First off let me say up until now I was a very happy Dell customer. I purchased my first Dell in 2002 for college, it was an awesome tower, great customer service, no complaints. From then till now between myself and my family we have purchased a total of 4 or 5 Dells for personal usage or in the workplace...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Which Dell models support AHCI and TRIM for SSD?

    Hey Dano525, This is a great question and I am gonna try and help you as best as I can. For those who do not know what TRIM is, it is a more effecient way to instruct the SSD to clean up its data, resulting in less speed degregation over time. From everything I have researched, you need several pieces...
  • Forum Thread: Trying to decide on a desktop

    We currently have a Dell Inspiron 530 with Windows Vista, Pentium dual 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM, 32 bit, and the mid-level gaming graphics card has gone bad. We're looking to purchase a new or refurbished desktop for home. I don't want an "all-in-one". Most websites lead people toward business...
  • Forum Thread: Any responsiable person in DELL whom can help?? don't tell me over 1000 employee; no 1 will step up to slove my problem!!

    Message body look like my time to type up this e-mail go down to the drain!! NO person in your company do care! not even 1 employee care enough to respond! what are sorry company!!! try to place an order almost 2 months! now u guy disconnitued the min 10 notebook! don't u...
  • Forum Thread: Should I buy the XPS 8500 with the i7 3770 / £649

    I am not much of a computer specialist so I need a little help choosing my new PC I have around £600-£800 to play with and I am looking for a fast processor with a high graphics card for web designing and casual gaming. Any help and feedback will be much appreciated. Cheers
  • Forum Thread: Reconsider buying a Dell

    I bought two computers in July 2009. I had problems with both of them. Inspirion mini had a wireless problem, which Dell said was my fault. and refused to fix it until I told them. I wanted to return it them. Finally they offered me free support and the support person said that there was something wrong...
  • Forum Thread: I may buy a pc soon from costco

    If I buy a dell xps computer from costco,Do I Have to Pay, How Much For To Get Get Dell Installation Internet SetUp and Data Migration Service Or is setup service Is free . I Assume Pc Preconfigured pc I have to pay customize upgrades after pc purchased.
  • Forum Thread: What is price of Dell Installation in home SetUp Service If buy dell from A different store then!

    I What To buy A dell xps Desktop computer Soon from A Costco store,will the Setup service be included free. If I need to pay Please list prices for cheaper service's for In home setup dell installation services. I likeTo Know during in home setup, the printer Have to Be Dell Brand to be setup at...
  • Forum Thread: No mention of number of USB ports or expansion slots

    Hi - I'm new to this board and in the process of purchasing my 2nd computer. I like Dell, but my beef is I have not found any mention on the Dell site as to how many USB ports or expansion slots any of the PC's have ! I've looked and looked but find no information. Is there a page somewhere...
  • Forum Thread: please do suggest

    my budget is Rs. 42000. i want to buy a notebook with specs: 1) 4 gb ram 2) 500 gb or above HDD 3) 1 gb or 2 gb graphics card 4) i3 or i5 processors whichever meets my budget 5) 14" or 15" screen size whichever meets my budget please provide a list of notebooks that i can...
  • Forum Thread: Where to buy Dell Inspiron ( N5010 ) Battery

    Hey guys, My Dell lap battery is in poor condition, i do want to replace it with new one. But i dont have any idea of where to buy. Could you please suggest me where to buy the Orignal Dell Battery. Dell Inspiron 15 R ( N5010 ).
  • Forum Thread: Studio 15 Laptop delivery delayed :(

    I ordered my dell studio 15 laptop on 8th october and until today morning it was showing my Expected delivery date as 15th oct., i.e., tomorrow. This afternoon, they postponed it to 26th october. I'm very excited about receiving my laptop ever since i ordered it. My question is, Is this only with...
  • Forum Thread: I 'm try to get A Dell Xps computer cheaper?

    I what to get A Delldesktop computer cheaper. How do I used these coupons websites as And,How I get online coupons to work . reply Soon??????