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  • Forum Thread: XPS 9000 or Aurora

    I am interested in buying a alienware aurora and the only thing keeping me from buying it would be that i don't know how much maintainence to the liquid cooling system has to be done. things such as how often, how difficult it is?, how much it cost to replace the liquid?,where to get the liquid?...
  • Forum Thread: Aurora Price and Special

    I'm looking at the price of the Aurora on Canada site for some time waiting for a special to purchase. The list price for the last month was about $1,529 with a rebate of $30 giving a selling price of $1,499. Starting on April 13, there is now a $303 special, but for a base price of $1,802...
  • Forum Thread: Aurora graphics options

    I am wondering why the GeForce GTX 285 isn't offered as an option for the Auroras. The more power hungry 295 is an option for the Aurora, and the 285 is an option for the Area 51 so it shouldn't be a technical problem right? I would probably grab one of those machines right away, especially...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Which Dell models support AHCI and TRIM for SSD?

    Hey Dano525, This is a great question and I am gonna try and help you as best as I can. For those who do not know what TRIM is, it is a more effecient way to instruct the SSD to clean up its data, resulting in less speed degregation over time. From everything I have researched, you need several pieces...