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Inspiron 8000 cpu upgrade

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Inspiron 8000 cpu upgrade

  • I have read what the FAQ says about upgrading the processor, and I may be willing to take the risks.  I just want to know what is the fastest pentium chip that is compatible with my inspiron 8000.  Furthermore, is it possible to upgrade the motherboard to one of the newer 8XXX series motherboards?
  • A 1 GHz mobile P3 is the fastest you can use with an 8000.

    The 8100 uses a mobile P3-m (mobile Tualatin) and can go a bit higher (to 1.3 GHz). The systems are close in physical specs, but you'd need new RAM unless you now have PC133.

    The 8200 is the P4 system - it is not the same as the others in layout.


    All things considered, if you can upgrade the CPU, go for it.  If you have to start swapping boards, sell your system and buy a used 8100 or 8200 system- it'll be simpler and cheaper in the long run.


  • I'm looking to upgrade the CPU in my 8000 too.
    I keep seeing a "step code" being mentioned when looking at mobile cpu's on ebay for example: Mobile Pentium III 1GHz 100MHz bus Micro-PGA2 256K cache Step code: SL53S
    Is that something I need to consider?
  • Yes, the stepping code will tell you what format the CPU is (see for details).


  • Hi,

    I've been searching through all posts related to upgrade an Inspiron 8000 -- but there is no list of processors that will work with this machine. I've found several models of Intel Mobile Pentium III processors (1G and under) that MAY work to upgrade my PIII-600. Does anyone know definitively if any of these will work or not??

    1.0Ghz - SL69V
    1.0Ghz - SL53S
    900Mhz - SL53T
    866Mhz - SL5CF
    850Mhz - SL53L

    Some of these are uPGA2 form, and some are not -- is that what determines whether it will work or not??

    Unfortunately Intel does not provide much information either, and generally speaking, the Dell site is difficult to navigate -- too many choices.



  • I can tell you it MUST be a uPGA2.
  • Argh... I bought a 900Mhz - SL53T (it is a uPGA2 CPU) but it didn't work -- power light comes on momentarily (and so do the three lights below -- caps lock, num lock, etc), but then shuts right off.

    I'm confident that I have seated it correctly because when I put the old processor back in, it works fine. There is nothing in the BIOS related to the CPU that I can change.


    Any ideas what went wrong?? I've tried several times, same result.




  • Only some of the boards used in this model will support over 850mhz and then only with late BIOS
  • My motherboard is 88DRE rev A02.  Can I assume that anything over 850 mhz will NOT work?  Is there a difference between the 495 pin PPGA and the 495 pin micro-pga2 ?
  • I had a 088DRE rev2 pass through my hands recently and tested it with a 1ghz mPGA-2, SL53S. It worked fine and recognized the 1GHZ. The problem comes from the fact that not all the 088DRE boards were made in the same country, and with the 088DRE rev1 boards, the the ones which have US in their part number did not support the 1ghz, but a 088DRE Rev1 board with MEX in the number did. I do not have any knowledge as to whether the PPGA CPUs will work or not, but I do know the mPGA-2s will 

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  • Thanks for the response.  Mine has MX in the part number which I assume means Mexico.  I hope that is a good sign.
  • Well, if a rev1 board from there supported the 1ghz, it is a near certainty the your rev 2 board will also.
  • Following-up, wrt upgrading an Insprion 2500 (supposedely same motherboard at the 8000) to a 1Ghz P3. Can someone validate that the appropriate chip is: Intel espec# SL5TF

  • I never heard that the 2500 and 8000 had the same board. I suspect it is not true. The C800 and I8000 had the same boards from among many different types. The ones I have had which supported 1ghz worked with a SL53S, and slower SL53? types did also.
  • I won an auction on SL53S cpu which is the 495 pin PPGA format while my old chip was a 700 mhz micro-pga2 chip.  I am almost positive that the two formats are the same.  I guess we will find out soon whether they are or not.  Should i use some sort of substance between the cpu and the heat dissipation unit?