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XPS 13 vs XPS 12?

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XPS 13 vs XPS 12?

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I currently have a Studio XPS 1340, it still works fine but it's getting dated compared to all the fun new toys out. That being said, small form factor is nice that's why I'm looking into the Ultrabooks.

The big thing for me is that I don't understand why there's a 2nd gen XPS 13 that still doesn't have 1080 resolution which is available on the XPS12. But to go with the 1080 resolution, I get a glitchy tablet UI, half the battery life and a slightly larger device. I know that's a lot to give up for 1080 resolution, but i waited this out hoping that it would get a 1080 Full HD display.

This may sound like a dumb questions but should I give up a 1080 touch display on the XPS 12 for higher specs and a slightly smaller form factor on the XPS 13?

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  • Hi noodoh,

    Both the system are great.I would recommend you to purchase XPS 12 as you are looking for higher screen resolution.

    Reason being XPS 12 is full HD with touch screen and is newly introduced in the market than compared to the XPS 13. XPS 12 can also be used as a tablet and a laptop unlike XPS 13 that can only be used as a laptop. The battery life will not be an issue as there will be a power saving option on XPS 12.

    Apart from that the entire system configuration is the same.

    Please do get back to us for any further assistance.


    Thanks and Regards,
    Nikhil M

  • I would recommend the XPS 12 for your next laptop.

     I believe you will be very happy with it, and I can personally tell you the battery will not be an issue.  


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